Why Riding Makes You Happy
Why Riding Makes You Happy
October 18, 2016
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November 1, 2016
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Guest Review by Jackson House Inn

Vermont Bike

We are sharing this very generous post by Jackson House Inn. They are a great group of people to not only work with but to spend time with. We hope you enjoy this excerpt from their blog. Please take a moment to read the full story at Cheddar & Gin – Uncovering The Hidden Stories of Vermont and follow them to not miss out on more adventures!


“Saddle up: Great Bike Tours Vermont”


There is a way of getting around that not only evokes a sense of thrill, but also has you slowing down to better appreciate your journey. Biking. It is undoubtedly on trend, and we can see why. A friend once described biking as “the newest version of golf,” encouraging groups to gather and converse. Biking culture, as we know it, draws a a certain group of people with similar interests – those who practice an active lifestyle, enjoy a well earned beer or meal, and meaningfully connect with fellow travelers. There are very few things in life that bond people more than enduring a laborious task, and a hilly bike ride can certainly qualify as one.

We attribute our new found appreciation for biking to Great Bike Tours in Pittsfield, Vermont. A day spent on a well calculated route with fellow cyclists gave us a taste of the week long excursion offered by Great Bike Tours. We started the day bright and early. A morning fog lingered with the promise of bright afternoon skies. Laid back yet impeccably organized, a hearty breakfast lined the tables of Amee Farm Lodge. Our fellow tour members were welcoming, prompting us to join in their morning chit chat. Tour leaders, Simon, Jessica, and Chris, enthusiastically greeted us and supplied all the gear needed for the day’s excursion.

Road bike, helmet, gloves, and wind breaker – we were fueled and ready for a full day of adventure…

Read full article at http://jacksonhouse.com/2016/10/25/saddle-great-bike-tours-vermont/

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