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GBT Tour Guides Explain Why the Leaves Change Color in the Fall

img_9312-croppedFor the last 20 years our guides have been leading bike tours during Vermont’s famous fall foliage (1st two weeks of October). The trips are always sold out, and the colors never fail to disappoint. Our seasoned tour guides are very passionate about all things Vermont, and they take get pleasure in explaining why/how the leaves (especially from the Maple trees) turn from green to their amazing hues of red, orange, and yellow.


They will tell you that the leaves actually start out yellow, but then during the spring and the summer the chlorophyll (which is responsible for photosynthesis) gives the leaves a green appearance, overpowering the yellow. Then when the leaves begin to die in the fall, and the chlorophyll slowly breaks down, then voila, the leaves reveal their natural yellow (or orange) color again!


And just last week we learned that scientists have finally figured out what our tour guides have known for the last 20 years — how the leaves change their color! You can read the full story from the New York Times.


For more information about how to join our next FALL FOLIAGE BIKE TOUR, see Vermont Bike Tour.

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