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Bike Tours Jamestown – Island Loop Drive

Join us in October for our easy bike tours  Jamestown Virginia. Located in a flat part of the state known as the Tidewater area, our Virginia bike tours are perfect for solos, couples, even families. Click here to learn more!

Image courtesy of NPS

Now a National Park, Jamestown Island was formed many thousands of years ago from a series of ridges and depressions along the James River. When English colonists arrived in 1607, a narrow isthmus connected the island to the mainland, and a “paradise” of virgin hardwoods covered the land. By 1800, the isthmus had eroded, and the forest had been cleared for farming.

In the two hundred years following the arrival of the English, the island landscape evolved from the seat of government to large plantations owned by the Ambler and Travis families. From the island’s rim, Confederate forts guarded the river channel during the Civil War. Today, the Island Drive affords views of the island, James River, the marshlands, and regenerating forest.

The drive will introduce you to the natural environment which the English colonists encountered. You will also see the “Gallery in the Woods”, a series of interpretive paintings illustrating the earliest industries attempted by the settlers. These paintings are located at pull offs along the drive.

Please remember that the Island Drive is also used by pedestrians and bike riders. Drive carefully and observe all speed limits. Due to weight limits of the loop drive bridges, large vehicles, such as campers, RVs and buses, are not allowed.

You may observe wildlife during your tour. Keep in mind that you should never feed or attempt to approach wild animals. Always admire them from a safe distance. This is the best way to ensure your safety, as well as theirs.

To read more about all of the historic stops along the way visit: https://www.nps.gov/jame/island-loop-drive.htm


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