Discovering Georgia's Golden Isles'
Discovering Georgia’s Golden Isles’
March 1, 2018
Preparing for your bike vacation
Preparing for Your Bike Vacation
April 1, 2018
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Is a bike trip right for me?

Is a bike trip right for me

With so many different types of bike trips and tours available it is easy to see that there’s a bike trip suitable for almost every traveler (even those with very little biking experience). At Great Bike Tours we clearly label as of our trips as easy, moderate or difficult. These simple references assist travelers in finding the right vacation for their fitness level.  We offer a bit of luxury on our organized tours including stays in beautiful local hotels and dining that adds to the theme of the destination.


Though some of our vacationers go on a bike trip for the personal challenge many tell us that the main appeal of the cycling trip is to get a more personal travel experience. Those searching for a slower pace than everyday life enjoy back roads and traveling through small towns, participating in the local culture.

We are Eco -Friendly – Traveling by bike is better for the environment and your body and for some of our clients that is the main reason they choose Great Bike Tours.

Sometimes it’s just about the location. Great Bike Tours chooses the best bike friendly locations during the season where your visit will be most enjoyable. Many of our trips sell out months in advance but that provides the opportunity for you to physically prepare a bit more for the future date.

Better than “going it alone”. With full support from our guides you will find an enjoyable, worry free vacation. Our guides have spare gear, can do most repairs, provide van support and are just a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the location they are guiding the trip at. You may begin a lifetime with others that have the same interests as you. Many of our guests return for new destinations and plan with friends they have met on a previous Great Bike Tour.

Bike tours/bike vacations are not for everyone. But for those that give it a try they soon find they are hooked. Let us help you find the love of bike tours by booking your first tips with us today! Check out our schedule online

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