Is a bike trip right for me
Is a bike trip right for me?
March 15, 2018
Wilderness Lodge Lake Moeraki – New Zealand
Wilderness Lodge Lake Moeraki – New Zealand
May 10, 2018
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Preparing for Your Bike Vacation

Preparing for your bike vacation

If you’re preparing for your bike vacation, there is nothing worse than being left behind by the pack, feeling that you’re holding up the group, or pushing yourself so hard to keep up that you can’t enjoy the surroundings or the company ─ or worse, incurring an injury as a result of being out of your element.

Preparing for any type of vacation is important, but especially on a cycling trip. There are several things to consider well in advance of putting up the money for your trip. These include:

  • what is your existing fitness level
  • what is your familiarity with cycling
  • what is the amount of time you have to get ready for the trip
  • research the equipment (including clothing) you take/use
  • prepare for the amount of time you want to spend on your bike
  • look into the other activities you want to participate in as well as cycling

When selecting a cycling trip, the above points must be considered and don’t have enough time to get fit, choose something that is realistically within your reach. Each of our trips note a level of difficulty. Also remember that you will always have van support there for you if you should need a break.

The tour guides are the heart of the business, we all know that. They can help make or break your bicycle vacation. We want them to be enthusiastic, fun, supportive, patient, informative, and encouraging. We depend upon them to haul our luggage, fix our bikes, feed us, and generally take excellent care of us. So why entrust your bicycle vacation to just any average-joe guide? It’s time to travel with the best Great Bike Tours! Our veteran guides have been leading bicycle vacations since 1996, and have accompanied over 5,000 people on their trip-of-a-lifetime. So what are you waiting for… come travel with us!

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