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June 26, 2018
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Experiencing Milford Sound
August 28, 2018
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Busting Bicycle Vacation Myths

Great Bike Tours Bicycle Vacations

Anyone that has not done a bike tour with Great Bike Tours has some level of apprehension. Here are some of the most common bicycle vacation concerns.

I am not a hardcore bike rider – I won’t be able to keep up.

There are companies that put together hard core bicycle vacations – we are not one of those companies. Our family-run company offers a wide range of active vacations to suit every taste and ability.


I do not consider myself as fit as my other vacationing friends.

Remember you are on vacation. You will not be racing with your friends or need to stay in a tight pack to have a good time. Our experienced guide will be with you along the way. We offer van support if needed on all our rides. No one is ever “left behind” and everyone always arrives at their destination with plenty of time to relax before their next meal.

My family’s skill level is quite varied – no one seems to pedal at the same speed.

Our tours are hardly ever traveling as a tight group. We design our bike tours so that everyone – even those with the least experience, can enjoy the trip at their own pace. Remember you do not have to bike all day. We offer many other activities to really mix things up. We carefully select our destinations to provide the best experience for all of the members of your family!

I am too old to go biking across the country.

It may be hard to understand why but 20-30 year olds are not typically interested in booking a bike tour, or if they do decide to go on a bike vacation many will put together their own trip to save on the costs. A large number of our guests range in age from 40 – 60’s and many even with more years behind them. Most of our guests are at a stage in life that understands the importance of the full experience of the journey – not just reaching the destination.

Bike tours are too expensive

Compared to other tours with comparable itineraries you will not find much difference in costs – comparing similar accommodations, activities, restaurants, and so on.  As with any vacation the location determines the overall cost of the trip. Included activities also help determine the final cost. Our trips include deluxe accommodations, a full scope of activities for cyclists and non-cyclists alike, which include but are not limited to: spa services, boating activities, museum/historical tours and more.


So now that we have taken away some of the most common arguments for booking a Great Bike Tour check out our destinations and book a dream bicycle vacation that will fill your memories for years to come!

Our season starts in January with our easy warm-winter bike tours in the Florida Keys & Everglades, followed in February by our once-in-a-lifetime 12-day New Zealand active vacation. In April we run our Georgia coast bike tours in the magical Golden Isles south of Savannah. Check out our two BRAND NEW TRIPS debuting in April and May — South Carolina Bike & Boat and Rhode Island Bike & Boat.

August is the perfect month to join our multisport vacation in New York’s Adirondack Park, and then in September we head back to the coast for our Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard bike tour. In October we offer our famous Vermont fall foliage bike tours, followed by an easy Virginia bike tour in the Colonial Williamsburg area. Please join us in 2018/2019 for one of these exciting active vacations. Book now!

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