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Experiencing Milford Sound

Experiencing Milford Sound

On our 12 day New Zealand Bike Tour we have the option to fly over to Milford Sound for a boat cruise on the fiord. Milford Sound is a World Heritage Area sitting within the Fiordland National Park.

“Despite its name, Milford Sound is actually a fiord, not a sound. It is also the only fiord in New Zealand that is accessible by road. However, its remote location, bounded by steep cliffs and dense rain forest, means its special features remain unspoiled. Rain or shine, Milford Sound continues to captivate even the most experienced traveler with its beautiful surroundings, ink-dark waters, gushing waterfalls and captivating views.” Learn More – Click Here

Experience the fiord the best way – by boat! You will be able to fully see the expansive cliffs rising above you. The dark black waters below you and the snow covered alpine peaks beyond. You may even see a waterfall or two…

You may get a visit from one of the locals…birds.
The Kea (Mountain Parrot) is the only true alpine parrot in the world, they are good flyers and incredibly curious! They have even shown to be able to work in teams for a purpose. So hold on to your snacks and glasses.

Fur Seals and Seal Rock
On your cruise you will most likely get the opportunity to spot a New Zealand fur seal on Seal Rock. What makes this rock so special, it is the perfect place to warm up in the sunshine after spending up to 8 days out sea.

The Photo Opportunities
You will want to make sure you have your camera for this portion on the trip. As you kick back on the cruise you will find the changing light reflects off the high cliffs differently at each turn on the way. Rain or shine these images will remain with you for a lifetime. You may even get the opportunity to see whales, dolphins and even penguins!
Everything about Milford Sound is amazing and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a wonderful day during your tour. The wonderful boat guides are informative and will make you feel right at home.

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