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November 13, 2018
Benefits of Traveling with a Small Family-Owned Company
Benefits of Traveling with a Small Family-Owned Company
January 3, 2019
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Cycling Vacation Tips

Biking the Island Line Trail

Here are some Cycling Vacation Tips to consider when booking your Great Bike Tour

Pick a trip that is an achievable challenge. Don’t try to be the world’s best rider. Do as much as you can to train the lead up to your Great Bike Tour and this will set you in good standing for your vacation. Not sure about a trip you are considering just give us a call at 802-777-2009 and we will be happy to discuss with you details of the trip you may need and options available.

Remember the more fit you are the more you can relax during the trip and appreciate the experience and location where you are cycling. Always avoid the desire to be competitive on your vacation tour, there will always be a slowest rider and it really doesn’t matter if that is you. A good cycling vacation is designed to allow enough time for most people to complete each of the rides each day. We also always offer van support for those days when you might need the option of motor transport (or for a family member or companion that may not want to bike, but still want to join you on your trip

Dress for the activity of the day. Cycling shorts are a must on biking days. You can get good padded under shorts now that fit under normal clothing. Take comfortable clothing for the rest of the activities – you’re on a relaxed cycling holiday, Lycra is not an essential on vacation tours with Great Bike Tours! Pack lightweight waterproof items in case of foul weather that can be pulled out if needed. Properly fitting glasses and helmet are always a bonus (though we do have helmets available if needed).

Hydration is always important and even more so when you are changing seasons for your tour or elevation. Make sure you are taking the time to hydrate during the days before, during and after your trip.

Stay open minded – many of our trips are multi-activity getaways. Try something new on your tour. Maybe you will have a chance to go kayaking or zip lining, horseback riding; you may even sail on a schooner! Remember you are on vacation and take the time to enjoy all the activities!

Our tour guides are the heart of the business, we all know that. They can help make or break your bicycle vacation. We want them to be enthusiastic, fun, supportive, patient, informative, and encouraging. We depend upon them to haul our luggage, fix our bikes, feed us, and generally take excellent care of us. So why entrust your bicycle vacation to just any average-joe guide? It’s time to travel with the best Great Bike Tours! Learn more about our guides at

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