Here Are The Extra Precautions We're Taking

In some ways it will be easy for us to accomplish a thorough COVID-19 safety protocol, because we’ve been doing it for years, including:

  • Keeping our groups small (pre-COVID we had an average of 10-14 people, with a maximum of 18)
  • Biking in wide open spaces, far from the crowds
  • Encouraging cyclists to leave plenty of space between each bicycle, which makes it safer for the cyclists, and allows any cars to pass them more easily. So without even knowing it, we were already preaching “physical distancing”
  • Providing the vast majority of our bike trips with two support vans, allowing you plenty of space to spread out when taking a lift in the van, which by definition is good for physical distancing
  • Cleaning and sanitizing our helmets and rental bikes after each tour

Pre-Trip Communication

  • Well in advance of your trip we will let you know all the steps that GBT is taking to ensure that everyone remains healthy.

Upon Arrival (at your bike tour)

  • Face Masks – All guests should bring their own face mask from home. You will be required to wear it any time physical distancing is not possible (such as in vans and indoor in public settings), or when specified by local policies. You will not be required to wear it while cycling. We’ll make every effort to have hand sanitizer available, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own.
  • If still recommended by the authorities, GBT will encourage social distancing of at least six feet (where possible).
  • If during the week you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath), you must get tested immediately, and may be asked to leave the tour.


To ensure that guests feel safe traveling in our support vehicles:

  • Where possible, GBT will provide two vans for the transfers (so you can spread out as much as possible).
  • The guides will ensure that all interior surfaces, door handles, safety belts, etc. are wiped down with disinfectant on a regular basis.
  • All vans are equipped with air purifiers (with HEPA filters). All vans are equipped with disinfectant wipes & hand sanitizer for anyone to use

Provision of snacks or picnic lunches during the day

  • GBT will provide plenty of options for single-serving snacks, individually wrapped.
  • Guides will wear protective gloves and face coverings (if required by CDC and WHO) during food preparation.


Since we eat at restaurants several times a day (and most are covered by GBT), we will ensure ahead of time that we:

  • Make sure that each restaurant is following a safety protocol (if required by the CDC or state authorities), which may require that employees are properly outfitted with masks and/or gloves, and that tables are situated far enough apart.
  • We will allow you to enjoy our included-meals as you wish — you may dine with the group, at your own private table, or even using room service.


  • GBT will ensure that the properties that we use adhere to an enhanced safety protocol and “social distancing.”

Group size

  • GBT will also adhere to all state guidelines regarding maximum allowable group size. For example if the limit is 10 people, then we will allow 8 guests + 2 guides.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at Tel. (802) 777-2009. Thank you.