When you travel with Great Bike Tours, we’ll offer you great bikes and great service, all included in the price of your tour.

To ensure that you are always super comfortable on your bike tour, we now offer you four types of bike to choose from, including e-bikes. And even better, most of our bikes are brand new models.

Our trained bike tour leaders will expertly fit you to a bike, adjust your helmet for you, and send you safely on your way. And while you are off having worldly adventures on your bike, one of our trusty bike tour guides will be on their bicycle somewhere behind you. They are trying to catch up to you to say hello, though all the while they are looking after their flock of cyclists, trying to account for them all, and ensuring that each and every one of them is having the best time ever.

What does your bike come with?

  • Bike rental is included in the price of the tour, including e-bikes (except for New Zealand)
  • Complimentary use of a brand-new helmet (Giro or Bell) with sun visor
  • Your choice of pedal type (flat, or half cage), or bring your own for a more personalized fit
  • Rear pack which attaches to the rear rack. Useful for carrying personal items such as wallet, swimsuit & towel, snacks, etc. Comes with reflective triangle for safety, and shoulder strap for carrying the bag
  • Combination lock
  • Flashing rear safety light
  • Complimentary GBT water bottle
  • Kickstand (on selected models)
  • Rear view mirror and bell
  • Handlebar mount for your phone (to be used for GPS navigation)

Full van support throughout the week

GBT promises to provide a superior level of support throughout your stay (each trip comes with two 15-passenger vans and three professional bike tour guides). From the minute we first meet you on Day 1, the vans are at your service 24/7. They are yours to enjoy as you please: ride in it, sleep in it, eat in it, see the sights from it.

Choice of four styles of bike

Fuji Absolute Hybrid Bike (step-over frame)

Performance hybrid bikes with upright handlebars and “step over” frames. Designed for smoother road riding with 700x40c tires and lightweight aluminum frame (and carbon forks). Comes fully equipped with:

  • 18 or 24 speeds (utilizing either a compact-double or a triple chainring on the front derailleur)
  • Quality Shimano components throughout, including easy-to-use gears (trigger shifters)

Fuji Absolute Hybrid Bike (step-through frame)

Performance hybrid bike with upright handlebars and “step-through” frame. This bike comes with a lightweight aluminum frame and wider tires (700x40c), which allow for more stability and a smoother ride. The Absolute comes with:

  • 24 speeds (triple chainring on front derailleur)
  • Quality Shimano components throughout, including easy-to-use gears (trigger shifters)

Fuji Sportif Road Bikes

Performance road bikes with drop handlebars. These bikes are super-speedy thanks to their lightweight aluminum frame and carbon forks. The wheels come with 700x32c tires, and the bikes come fully loaded with:

  • High quality Shimano components
  • Shimano STI gear shifter/brake combo
  • Advanced “compact double” front crankset (2×9 gears)

Trek Verve+ 2 E-Bike

These pedal-assist electric bikes come with upright handlebars, wider 700x45c tires, and are available in either “step-through” and “step-over” frames. These 9-speed bikes provide varying levels of assistance (from the battery), but you still need to pedal! These bikes come fully loaded with:

  • Rechargeable battery (your guides will recharge them overnight)
  • Powered by a Bosch motor (250W rated power)
  • Includes hydraulic disc brakes
  • The bike computer on the handlebars provides/controls the four levels of electrical assistance
  • There is no additional charge to use these e-bikes (except in New Zealand), but supplies are limited, so it’s first come-first served

Please contact us if you have any questions about our equipment. We look forward to introducing you to your wheels for the week.