Guest Testimonials

We love meeting new guests on our family-run bike vacations, and then welcoming them back time and time again as members of our family. To find out why folks keep coming back to Great Bike Tours, we have compiled a collection of customer testimonials, conveniently broken down by destination. If you’d like see the original reviews, or the very latest ones, please check our pages on TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Google.

Our Guides

From managing all the logistics, to meeting the needs of individuals riders, the guides were unflappable and the trip was a blast. Candy & Rob 0. (2021)

Our guides were organized, thoughtful, kind, articulate, and joyful. Kathy & George K. (2021)

This was our fourth biking experience with Great Bike Tours, and we now just assume that our expectations will be exceeded with Simon & Jessica and their team! Cathy & John P. (2021)

The guides made our tour simply wonderful through their focused professionalism, and their unfailing good humor. They were there to pamper us in every possible way. There was no question too stupid, no request that wasn’t looked into and worked. The best compliment I can make is that the organization of the tour appeared effortless, while also acknowledging the hard work to make it so. Hans & Francey S. (2021)

Our guides were fun, easy, attentive, and so fluidly organized it was truly inspiring. Julie K. (2021)

The tour leaders could not possibly be any nicer or more caring. They see to every need of their guests and do their best to accommodate everyone’s personal preferences and interests. Lisa L. (2021)

Julian, Elliot, Simon, and John were extraordinary guides; very personable, knowledgeable, helpful, fun (and funny), and engaging. They were very responsive to all our needs. Jane H. (2021)

The guides were so attentive, approachable, and in tune to our needs. I would highly recommend this group to anyone interested in experiencing a well organized top-notch tour. Diana T. (2021)

Elliot, Julian, John, and Simon are seasoned professionals. We found as much enjoyment interfacing with these four throughout the week as we did riding and boating. Lori & George P. (2021)

Our guides were so much fun! They interacted with us throughout the whole trip and were a great group of guys! Dawn & Frank B. (2021)

The guides were very personable, knowledgeable and fun loving. Lots of laughs were shared among the tour group and we walked away from our trip feeling like we’d made some great friends. Tricia P. (2021)

The skill, friendliness, adaptability, and thoughtfulness of our fearless leaders ensured that the week on our steeds would not soon be forgotten. Lori & George P. (2021)

The guides are always encouraging and positive and make us feel like part of the family. Mel P. (2021)

We were more than impressed with the professionalism, genuine concern and care that each cyclist received, attention to detail, and their enthusiasm and love of what they do. We were not left to figure out things on our own or wonder what each day would bring. How impressed were we? We booked two more vacations with them, and will likely book a third. Dale & Joanne H. (2021)

The entire crew – Jessica, Simon, Julian, Elliott, and Danielle – are all interesting, fun, upbeat caring people that made the trip fun. Ellen & Dave B. (2021)

The camaraderie we developed among all the participants was due in large part to the tone set by the guides. They were always ready to help, encouraged us to keep riding, provided van support whenever needed, and were enthusiastic every hour of every day. This attitude was infectious and made riding with new acquaintances easy and fun. Nancy and Paul M. (2020)

Our guides were amazing and did the best job I have ever seen in a bike tour (and I have done many in Europe and South America). This tour by far was the best. Brahim S. (2020)

They balanced professionalism with humor and fun in a way that shows they love what they do. Carolyn M. (2020)

We have been on 7 bike trips (with other companies) and Chris, Samantha and Julian were the best guides that we have had. They fulfilled our every need. Their enjoyment of their jobs and helping us really came through. Tom & Rene A. (2020)

I can’t say enough good things about our guides… they were on their “A” game the entire trip: informative, helpful and kind. I would highly recommend this tour group. Jo M. (2020)

The guides were attentive to every detail from the minute we met! Their friendly manner, flexibility and knowledgeable about the history of the area made for a great rapport with the group. Karen C. (2020)

Our tour guides were excellent! They seemed to anticipate our every need. It was some of the best service we have experienced on all our tours. We can recommend GBT without any hesitation. Tom R. (2019)

The guides were personable, knowledgeable, kind, funny, and they would do anything to make our trip fun and comfortable. Bev F. (2019)

Top notch service from start to finish. Personable upbeat guides anticipate your every need and make it possible to complete every day’s new adventure at your own pace. Tracy W. (2019)

I don’t consider them guides but friends. I’ve never met more patient, helpful people, willing to ride along side you encouraging you every bit of the way. Lorraine C. (2019)

It is the guides that make the tour so enjoyable. Julian, Chris, and Simon were so friendly, helpful and just plain fun! I highly recommend taking a GBT trip. Cheryl S. (2019)

The GBT guides thought of everything! They have long-standing relationships with the owners of the places we stayed, which offered us opportunities to see and do things guests with other tours don’t get to experience. Leslie W. (2019)

What really makes GBT special is the people. Our guides were incredibly informative, lots of fun, and sincerely wanted to give us the best experience possible. I highly recommend GBT. Gay E. (2019)

Our guides took great care for our comfort, safety, and any other needs we had. The guides went out of their way to accommodate our needs or desires without impacting the same for others in the group. Ron and Terry F. (2019)

All four leaders were full of good humor, positive energy, flexibility, and great local knowledge that they are eager to share. They know the route inside-out, so have tremendous flexibility to change things up as needed. Laurie and Gary (2019)

The guides are irreplaceable! Thank you, Simon, Jessica, Elliot, Julian, Sam and Chris for all the wonderful memories. Folks like you make the world a better place to live in. Sherrie P. (2019)

From their initial email all the way to the trips end, GBT provided an exceptional experience. Their attention to detail, careful planning, and excellent selections made us feel pampered and special. The exceptional tour guides were professional and personable. Carole A. (2019)

This was our first bike tour and it was absolutely perfect. Chris and Elliot were so attentive and supportive. They were never very far away. Either driving by with the van or riding behind the group making sure we were all on course. It was obvious they truly enjoy working with people and cycling. Carol T. (2018)

I am not an experienced biker and found GBT to be extremely helpful in accommodating my needs. Chris, Sam, and Simon were fun, knowledgeable and laid back – a great combination for enjoying the time together. Anne K. (2018)

The staff of GBT are terrific. They are knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and entertaining. Richard P. (2018)

As a single traveler, I was made to feel welcome, comfortable and safe. The trip leaders were amazing, friendly, and fun to be with. Barbara R. (2018)

We were really surprised how knowledgeable our guides were. They knew so much about the area and the history that went along with it. They were always quick to alter plans or spend more time in different areas if we wanted to learn more or just plain didn’t want to leave. Michelle E. (2018)

Our tour guides Chris and Elliot were fun, friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. They worked well to ensure all of us had an enjoyable time regardless of experience level. We really enjoyed the trip and the company, and look forward to another adventure with them. Jacqueline S. (2018)

Staff was professional, highly organized, funny, and quickly prepared with alternate plans if needed. They think of everything down to the smallest details. Just arrive with clothes, a smile, and a desire for adventure! Joanne B. (2017)

The guides, Simon, Chris, and Elliot, are the best in the business. They are keenly aware of safety and they anticipate participant’s needs before being asked. Cathy P. (2017)

As first time bike tour participants, the guides made us feel right at home. From the time they picked us up to the time we said goodbye, they did their best to make sure that all our needs were met. I highly recommend GBT. Paul G. (2017)

Our tour guides Simon, Chris and Elliot were top notch, both with skills and human kindness. Lots of fun-loving camaraderie with the group as well. Kim, Rachid, Amina, and Kamila (2017)

Our tour guides Elliot and Simon were flexible and extremely accommodating. Some in our group wanted more miles and others were happy with less. Even though I spent some time at the back of the pack, I never felt like I was holding up the group. I traveled as a single, but felt welcome by everyone. Connie D. (2017)

Julian, Elliot, and Simon could not have been more friendly or helpful. Can’t make it up the mountain? No problem – here comes the van. Want more miles today? No problem – go for it; we’ll be by to check on you. Rain? No problem – we have plan B ready. Robin N. (2017)

Our tour guides Simon, Chris and Elliot were top notch, both with skills and human kindness. Lots of fun-loving camaraderie with the group as well. Kim, Rachid, Amina, and Kamila (2017)

One could not have asked for a more attentive and likeable staff. There was no pressure to do anything or to be anywhere however the spirit of this trip was such that I wanted to be everywhere and do everything! Steve L. (2017)

The guides were always there with advice, bike assist, physical support by van, and sharing friendly meals and brews.Judy Z. (2017)

The guides really paid attention to details and went out of their way to make the trip pleasant. On a really, really, really windy day they even redid our entire route so we had a tailwind instead of a ghastly headwind. Kathie & Paul N. (2017)

The guides were attentive and fun to be with. It was hard to leave them at the end of the trip! Their attention to every detail is excellent – from bike preparation and adjustments, to the lunches and dinners, delivering luggage to our rooms, and the cycling routes for the day. No detail is left unattended-to. One morning I mentioned that I forgot to bring turmeric for my lemon-honey tea, and guess what… there it was the next day! Marjorie P. (2017)

I can’t say enough about our tour leaders. They were well prepared, took care of all of our needs, and were very knowledgeable and personable. Nancy S. (2016)

Are you apprehensive about joining a bicycle tour group because you’re getting older and you may not keep up with others? Well, no need to worry with Great Bike Tours. You can ride the daily mileage or you can choose to stop whenever you like and the leaders are there to pick you up at any time. They are extremely knowledgeable in servicing your bike so you can have a smooth, enjoyable ride. They can answer any questions about the area, the sites to see, the accommodations, and nearly anything you need to know. (They will even answer the same question a million times! I never saw such patience). Don’t think twice about booking your adventure with them. Teresa C. (2016)

Simon and Chris combine together to meet all your expectations and allay your fears about biking with a group. They are bike mechanics, van drivers, route makers and adjustors, local historians and even poets on any given day. They promote safety by providing daily route notes for those that choose to read them… and they ride extra miles to find those who choose to ignore them. Sandy H. (2016)

This was my 5th time traveling with Simon and it just keeps getting better. And I just love it when I start to ask Chris for something and he hands it to me! Mike & Judy Q. (2016)

I can’t say enough about our guides – kind, helpful, polite and always smiling no matter how many times we asked the same question. Margaret M. (2016)

The guides on our trip had the expertise that I could count on and were always willing to help in anyway requested. Every nuance they did was to show us, their riders, that we were appreciated and cared for. Nikki P. (2016)

The tour was very well supported and organized. The guides provided additional options for those of us who wanted a little more seat times. Martina F. (2016)

With a full group of 18, our guides handled everything efficiently and with a personal touch. We have been on several other tours with another company, so we were anxious to see how this one compared. We were totally satisfied, and hope to travel with GBT again in the fall. Nice job!  Mary G. (2016)

Simon, Jessica and Elliot were terrific leaders that anticipated our every need. They looked after everything. All we had to do was show up. Sandy B. (2016)

Amazing guides, well organized. Treated us like family. Very professional. Can’t wait to do another tour with them. Bill & Alicia J. (2016)

They were very attentive and worked with each rider to make sure they had everything they needed for a great trip. Jeff M. (2016)

I can’t say enough for our guides; they were the best we’ve ever had: caring, responsive, and best of all, they all had a wonderful sense of humorJudy B. (2016)

The trip leaders are very experienced and well prepared which made it easy for them to quickly customize the days’ plans so that we all got the most out of the trip. John B. (2016)

Our tour guides made us feel like family. They were professional and made our trip a trip to remember. They are the best! Looking forward to doing more tours with them. Alicia J. (2016)

Jess, Simon, and Elliot are the best, so experienced, personable and kind. I learned so much from them. There were no worries for any of us on the tour. They were flexible and anticipatory of our needs as a group and individuallyJane K. (2015)

With GBT you are touring with profession tour guides with 20+ years of experience, so they know exactly what they are doing and they make the trip a delight for everyone. Rick E. (2015)

The leaders were attentive and caring, eager to help you with anything when you need assistance. Everything GBT had a hand in arranging was first class. Ed N. (2015)

This tour company is small enough to keep it personal yet everything handled professionally. Was able to deal with riders of all level abilities and interests and made sure everyone had a good time. Very patient and personable guides. Made sure fun was part of the trip. Laurie H. (2015)

Chris, Jessica, and Simon were amazing. Their professional level of service, safety, and entertainment was exceptional. They catered to each of our needs and gave special attention to our riding levels. Robin N. (2015)

GBT does an excellent job of meeting individual needs whether it concerns dietary requirements or route adjustments. The staff were genuinely friendly, helpful and knowledgeableDiana P. (2015)

I have been an avid bike rider all my life…even choosing a bike trip for my honeymoon. However, GBT with Simon and Jess at the helm are true joy. They do everything possible to make sure each guest has a wonderful time and their attention to detail is extraordinary. Steve & Iris H. (2015)

GBT took such good care of our group from start to finish, providing gentle and generous support during the rides. They truly went above and beyond expectations, and did it all with such grace, encouragement, and joy. There is no question they will be our go-to guides for our next cycling adventure. Maya S. (2015)

Chris and Simon were like orchestra leaders guiding us to and from ferries, a catamaran sailing adventure, beaches, lighthouses, museums, towns, restaurants, and shopping. They made sure we were safe, happy, and having fun. Bob & Betty K. (2014)

I’ve been on over 36 bike tours and Simon is the best! We’ve been on three tours with him and are planning a fourth for next year. Couldn’t be better. Judy Q. (2014)

Jessica, Simon, and Elliot don’t take their leadership role as a job, but rather as a mission to provide each of their guests the best of what the region has to offer. Five stars aren’t enough. Susan S. (2014)

We’ve done 8 bike tours with Simon since 1999, which pretty much sums up how we feel about Great Bike Tours. Simon and Jess have that gift of putting together all the elements of an exciting bicycling adventure, and making sure that the particular needs of everyone in the group is taken care of. That is why we chose them. They have the experience, abilities, and personalities that puts the “great” in Great Bike Tours. We recommend them without reservation. Jim S. (2014)

I have been on over 20 bike tours, and my wife has been on over 30, and the one thing we both agree on, is that the folks at Great Bike Tours have the best guides we’ve ever had. They are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and best of all, fun loving. We have come to think of Simon, Jessica, and their staff as friends, and can’t wait to go biking with them again. Mike Q. (2014)

Greg and I have enjoyed our biking experiences with Chris and Simon so much that we have notched seven trips with this dynamic duo and planning our eighth trip to Florida in January. Dinah C. (2013)

Simon, Jessica and the crew run a first-rate bicycling company. My husband and I couldn’t have been happier. It would be hard to beat the level of personalized care they provide. We would go with them again in a heartbeat. Lee H. (2013)

My husband and I went on our very first bike tour and loved it! As a novice, the tour guides took time to help me understand all the lingo, route notes, and answered every question I had. We just can’t say enough about the wonderful folks and great experience with GBT. Highly recommend! Martha J. (2013)

Our guides were very knowledgeable about the area and provided great insight and stories to both educate and entertain us. Sandy H. (2013)

This was my 23rd bike tour and of all the leaders I have known over the years, Chris, Jessica, and Simon are the absolute best. They are knowledgeable, totally prepared for any eventuality, and are able to make any situation fun. Michael Q.(2013)

The guides made it so pleasant that all I had to do was enjoy every moment. There was a sense of playfulness with competence that provided the most wonderful, relaxed vacation. Judy Q. (2013)

Ask anyone who has taken a bicycle tour ‘what made the trip outstanding’ they will always say the tour guides. So take a trip with GBT, with some of the best bike tour guides in the businessCecilia C. (2012)

We have known the guides for the last 14 years, and they are the best in the business. Once you’ve biked with them you won’t want to ride with any other. Ben & Anne S. (2012)

Thanks to Simon, our vacation ranked as one of the best of our lives (and my husband is a travel writer, so we’ve had many nice vacations!). Karen R. (2012)

My husband & I chose to go cycling for our honeymoon in New Zealand. Simon knew New Zealand and was a phenomenal bike tour leader! His sense of humor always made him a delight to be around. We are looking forward to our next bike trip with him! Emily G. (2012)

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Custom Tours

GBT created a custom Vermont tour for our family and gave us suggestions for places to go and things to do in the area – hiking, swimming, tubing down the Tweed River, and visiting quaint little Vermont towns! After all the adventures, relaxing on the porch at their Amee Farm Lodge was perfect. Overall, it’s a great option for a vacation that is both active and relaxing! Michaela P. (2015)

Simon and Jess always go the extra mile, this time with a custom tour of the Lake Champlain area for our family and friends. Our trip came with fantastic bikes, excellent routes, and lots of fun and laughter. It’s all about your leaders, and you can’t beat these guys! Scott W. (2015)

Great Bike Tours has reminded us once again why ‘Great” is in their name. In 2012 and 2014 it was New Zealand. Now it’s August 2015, and we’re back in their home state of Vermont, doing a custom friends and family tour alongside Lake Champlain. GBT provided all the necessary equipment including bikes, helmets, maps, water bottles and snacks. We’re GBT repeat customers because Simon and Jess have never failed to give us a great biking experience. Our family has done 18 bike tours by several companies over the past 20 years. GBT gets our blue ribbonSusan & Jim S. (2015)

GBT took such good care of our group from start to finish, providing a wonderful selection of routes to choose from, stellar bicycles, and gentle and generous support during the rides. There is no question they will be our go-to guides for our next cycling adventure. Maya S. (2015)

We can’t say enough about GBT and their attention to detail, passion for biking and for Vermont, and big hearts. Simon & Jessica are a terrific team and they helped us plan and execute our first annual Spoke & Word Retreat, a cycling and creativity adventure. We were delighted with their suggestions, thrilled with their enthusiastic response to our idea, and we’re eternally grateful for their patience and the care they took to make it a really special week for our guestsAmy T. (2015)

Our custom tour was spot-on detailed, the equipment was excellent, and the itinerary was ideally matched to the experience level of the group. The accommodations, food, equipment, personalities, professionalism, and schedule of activities were nothing but “top notch.” I travel globally for my work where I have experienced many ‘tour’ operations, and I can say that GBT was as good as any tour organization I have every experienced, anywhere. Money and time well spent!George S. (2013)

GBT organized a tour for our club based on our requests: the mileage and terrain were perfectly challenging with spectacular views and delightful stops along the way. Lots of smiles over many miles! Lee W. (2013)

We were a group of 14 from Oregon who spent a week with GBT in Vermont. My husband and I couldn’t have been happier. They even cooked dinner for us when we wanted to eat in, but also shuttled us to local restaurants. We had the opportunity to mix riding with many cultural experiences, such as museums and mom and pop maple syrup vendors. It would be hard to beat the level of personalized care they provide. We would go with them again in a heartbeat. Lee H. (2013)

Our custom tour was well planned and led. I have great confidence that Simon and Jessica can craft a tour to suit the needs of any group, large or small. Judith H. (2012)

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Safe Travels in a Pandemic

GBT has a smart way of planning fun activities and attending to all of the important details during the challenges of the pandemic. We were able to relax and focus on the fun – just what our family needed. John & Micaela B. (2020)

Even during a pandemic, we felt safe and were very thankful for all the preparation and planning to make this trip possible. Simon and Jessica continue to orchestrate wonderful vacations that take the stress out of making reservations and figuring out logistics. We have already booked out next trip with GBT. Cathy & John P. (2021)

I can’t say enough about this great company. They strive in every way to give you a safe, fun experience! Tricia P. (2021)

We felt safe, pampered and at home. Rachid & Kim A. (2021)

Our guides were creative and kept a safe environment for all. We would definitely ride with this group again. Spencer B. (2021)

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Florida Keys Bike Tour

This was my first bike tour and truly hope to do it again. The guides were top notch and took excellent care of all the participants. The accommodations, meals and activities were 5 star. This was a super fun way to see the sights, be active and meet new people. You won’t be disappointed. Jane C. (2020)

Great food, interesting sights and wildlife to see, and beautiful hotels, are just a few of the reasons to go. We biked, kayaked, ate and laughed our way to Key West; it was a wonderful trip! Mel & Katherine M. (2020)

This was an amazing bike trip! Riding, kayaking, sailing, dolphins and turtles were a great mix of activities! The included gourmet meals topped-off each day. Frozen chocolate dipped key lime pie on a stick and chocolate on my bike seat are examples of the special touches. I would highly recommend this tour group! Karen C. (2020)

Wonderful family-owned, active vacation company. The itinerary includes a wide variety of activities including kayaking and sailing off Key West. Lovely resort accommodations were in great locations. David & Deborah W. (2020)

From the red-carpet pickup on Sunday to our last sunset in Key West, Simon & Julian were the finest bike tour leaders we’ve ever had. The accommodations were beautiful, the food excellent, and the off-saddle activities a lot of fun. Thanks for a great week! Jim & Monica (2020)

This was our first tour with GBT after several with another company. It was a wonderful experience. Julian and Simon were amazing; always cheerful, flexible, reliable and organized. Besides the bicycling, the extra attractions were fun and interesting (Everglades, kayaking through the mangrove tunnels, dolphin research center, turtle hospital, sailboat ride). The included meals and restaurants were great, too. We have only good things to say about this company. Jim and Lois S. (2020)

My son (21) described the trip as “consistently awesome”. Between the great bike rides, turtle hospital visits, swimming with dolphins, sunset sail boat cruises – it was hard to pick a favorite moment. My biggest takeaway from the trip was how everything was looked after for me and how this made it a truly relaxing vacation for both of us. Doug & Justin W. (2020)

Completely dependable company that takes all the stress out of a bike trip and lets you enjoy the fun. Looking forward to the next one! Peggy L. (2020)

Best trip ever! Very organized, great energy, amazing food, and best of all amazing guides. If you have the chance, sign up today! Abbey H. (2019)

I had a wonderful time. The guides were super helpful and because of all the work they did, we had to do nothing but have fun riding, enjoying great resorts, and eating wonderful meals. The memories of the the experience will be with me forever. Highly recommended. Mark H. (2019)

A great trip. There was a variety of activities with fun bike rides. The resorts were first class, and the people in the group were terrific! A really fun adventure and memorable event. Highly recommend. Tom G. (2019)

Awesome, awesome bike ride. Tour guides rocked the ride and made sure that everybody had a great time. Super duper! Jeff M. (6th trip with GBT)

So fun, tons of variety/choices of mileage but (best of all) the best guides ever! Jane D. (2019)

We were looking for a relaxing but fun start to our biking season & found it with GBT & their Keys trip. Stress-free riding, interesting things to do, and great accommodations. A perfect combination of fun & biking! This was our first trip with GBT & we will do more! Jamie H. (2019)

This was my first trip with GBT and I had an exhilarating experience. I enjoyed cycling the Everglades and seeing so many alligators; cycling across the bridges; and seeing the beautiful blue seas. The accommodations were exceptional, and the food and desserts were mouth-watering experiences. I was able to swim with dolphins and I had butterflies land on me – all the experiences with nature were informative and exhilarating. My Florida Keys trip exceeded my expectations – It’s more than just a bike ride. Delores W. (2018)

Our Key West bike tour was amazing. Nice, relaxing ride, great overnight stays, and the food was excellent. The tour guides were excellent – they went out of their way to make sure your vacation was everything you wanted it to be. Thank you again Samantha, Chris, and Simon. Barb S. (2018)

Thanks for a magnificent tour. We loved every minute. It’s hard to name a highlight because every day was great. We loved biking past dozens of happily sunbathing alligators in the Everglades; we learned about the important work being done by the Dolphin Research Center and Turtle Hospital; we loved kayaking through mangrove tunnels at John Pennekamp State Park; and we had a beautiful sunset sail in Key West. Thanks for all you do to make it a wonderful adventure for us. Lynn W. (2018 – 6th trip with GBT)

Thank you for a wonderful trip; it simply couldn’t have been better. I was impressed with the accommodations, rides, sightseeing activities, food, and all the extras. Ya’ll did a great job of facilitating fun rides for a group of people at varying fitness/ride levels in charming fashion, and ya’ll went the extra mile to ensure that everyone was having a good time. Would highly recommend GBT. Nell A. (2018)

The accommodations and food was all 5 star (especially the chocolate-covered key lime pie on-a-stick). The guides were fantastic, very friendly and responsive to all our needs. I will definitely book future trips with them. Shirley B. 2018

The Florida Keys trip was much more than I expected – a mixture of rides, special places to eat, dolphins, turtles and alligators, and the sights and sounds of Key West! Simon, Chris, and Samantha have the key to the Keys – come explore and discover with them! Kate M. 2018

1st time with this company and they exceeded every expectation. Very nice lodgings and great food offerings. Classy and genial companions. Our fun and amiable guides set a great tone from the start. No small detail or request was overlooked; accommodating and patient with client needs. Nann M. (2018)

I had a fabulous time. The tour guides were fun, knowledgeable and laid back – a great combination for enjoying the time together. I met some great people on the tour, saw some beautiful country, and loved every minute of it. Anne K. (2018)

Fantabulous! Exceeded my expectations! Great way to see south Florida & the Keys. Accommodates all skill levels. Wonderful food. Beautiful accommodations. Nicest group of people you could ever meet. John P. (2018)

It was a fabulous trip. The accommodations were wonderful and the food and activities were fantastic! We always make life long friends on these trips. Vicki C. (2018 – 3rd trip with GBT)

This was our first bike trip ever with a group. We were “over the top” about our experience. The hotels, the food, the places we explored – were way beyond our expectations. The customer service was outstanding and we can hardly wait to go on another tour with Simon, Jessica, Chris, Samantha and anyone else who is with this company. We loved every minute of the trip and met people who we hope to meet up with again on future trips. Jeannie & Bob H. (2017)

This was our second trip with GBT and it did not disappoint! The personal attention and fun provided by the group leaders takes their tours to the next level. We’ve vacationed with two other companies and prefer Great Bike Tours hands down!Cheryl S. (2017)

We have been on a lot of trips, but none was better than this one. The bikes, the accommodations, the food, and especially Simon and Chris – were perfect. They are real gentlemen who know how to put on a tour. We hope to go on another trip soon! Tom & Roberta W. (2017)

I can’t say enough about it! I am usually ready to go home after four days, and at the end of this trip, I did not want to leave! Here it is a few weeks later, and I’m still looking back loving every moment. Truly the best vacation I have taken.Marjorie P. (2017)

We have taken tours with four other companies and have to say that the customer care and attention to detail (with GBT) were second to none. The accommodations were wonderful. It included more than the usual number of meals, admissions to attractions and parks, and the ferry return to Fort Myers. Route notes were excellent, rides were interesting and distances could be modified up or down. Can’t go wrong signing up for one of their trips! Kathie & Paul N. (2017)

One of the best trips I’ve ever taken. I’ve been to Florida before, but never like this – by experiencing the beauty of the Florida Keys from my bicycle! We stayed mostly on the bike trail, other times on shoulders, and I was completely comfortable. I could be on my own (which I sometimes like to do, as I am a solo traveler), or ride with the group. When I was riding alone, I knew there was a sweep behind me, or the shuttle if I broke down and needed help. I loved that I had that freedom, group time, and alone time. Also, the daily mileage was very flexible. We could do less or more, which was great, knowing the option was there. Most of us wanted to ride! If you’re from the cold-winter places, what a treat to be out in the warm sun pedaling away. What was most astounding was the sheer beauty of southern Florida seen from my bike — the beautiful beaches, state parks, the really interesting activity stops we made. I will be traveling with this company again and I highly recommend them. Sue B. (2017)

A fun trip with great people. The bike rides were as easy or as difficult as you chose to make them. There was just enough organized and free time too! Renae H. (2017)

There was a nice mixture of interesting site-seeing side trips and biking. I would consider it a beginners tour, so a good way to start enjoying tours. Caryle H. (2017)

The utmost attention was given to our comfort and enjoyment of the trip. The staff was constantly aware of us and our needs. This was our 11th organized biking trip. It met all of our expectations and we would not hesitate to recommend this GBT Florida Keys to anyone. Phyllis C. (2017)

This was our first organized bike tour and it could not have been better. We chose the Florida Keys trip to celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary. The food and accommodations were top notch and we enjoyed every minute and would not hesitate to do this again. Steve R. (2017)

Our Florida Keys tour was outstanding. The resorts, the accommodations, and meals were first rate. I’m already planning my next trip with GBT next year! Janet E. (2016)

My husband and I had the best time. The accommodations and meals were wonderful. The extras along the tour, Dolphin Research Center and the Turtle Hospital, were a great experience. Alicia J. (2016)

I cannot even begin to give it enough accolades. I will go again in the future. Nikki P. (2016)

The accommodations were fabulous, the included meals wonderful, and the bike rides great – but the best part was the guides! Chris, Simon, and Elliot were super-friendly, very accommodating and knowledgeable about the area and cycling. I say you have totally earned your name – it was a Great Bike Tour! Cheryl S. (2016)

We had an exceptional time. It was a very interesting way to visit the Keys – very ‘up close and personal’, and I would definitely recommend this trip. Gerald & Kathy S. (2016)

This was a great way to discover the Keys – much better that driving. And we stopped to see a number of key attractions on the Keys. Easy biking. I’d call it see the Keys and bike along the way. Sandy B. (2016)

My wife and I joined eight friends on the Florida Keys tour and it was great. This tour is particularly good for novice to intermediate riders since the terrain is flat and the rides are on bike trails almost all of the time. This tour is a fantastic way to escape the Northern winter and have some fun in Florida at the same time! Rick E. (2016)

The accommodations, meals, and events such as the turtle hospital. are all fabulous. The tour guides do a great job of spoiling everyone on the trip. Highly recommendLynn B. (2016)

I’m still on Cloud 9. The entire experience was fabulous from Day 1….. All so well organized and orchestrated, delicious food, delightful accommodations, interesting rides and cheerful, informative, eager-to-please tour guides! I loved making new friends and truly hated to see the week end! Pam P. (2016)

The best ride I have ever gone on. No training was necessary. Chris, Jessica and Simon are so very organized that it was a great pleasure to just follow their directions. Seeing the turtle and dolphin rehab centers was frosting on the cake. Sally W. (2016)

Florida beaches in January. What a great getaway from the Northeast cold and snow. This tour was unique in offering biking, nature tours, historical experiences, and happy hour on the beach. A great recipe for exercise and relaxationCharlie M. (2015)

What a great way to experience the Keys. The over-water vistas were beautiful. Loved seeing the manatees, dolphins, turtles and gators. This tour was a great balance of easy riding, interesting sights, and wonderful company. Looking forward to another GBT tour. Anne & Wayne L. (2015)

Every detail was taken care of, leaving us to enjoy a stress-free vacation. It was a perfect combination of planned activity and time to explore on your own. We highly recommend GBT! Deb H. (2015)

A great adventure. The tours of the Everglades, dolphin center and sea turtle hospital were a nice change from the biking. The trip was very relaxing and a great vacation. We would tour with them again. Jeff M. (2015)

We had a super trip. Safe travels and good organization. We would travel with them again. Helen A. (2015)

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New Zealand Bike Tour

Amazing scenery, amazing cycling… but the best part was choosing to go with Great Bike Tours. Let’s face it, New Zealand is spectacular. Combine that with the knowledgeable fun-loving guides who accompanied us and, well, that totally made the trip a once in a lifetime experience! The guides became like family. Every innkeeper or shopkeeper became our new best friend, in part because these people were friends of GBT. And the food and wine selections? Outstanding! It was a once in a lifetime trip! Cheryl & John W. (2020)

We all enjoyed the trip immensely. It was perfectly planned with side trips, excellent accommodations, and great food. Our guides pampered us and were very entertaining and knowledgeable. Five Stars and thousands of kudos! Lisa & Charles M. (2020)

We had always wanted to visit New Zealand; I’m so glad we chose to do it with GBT. The trip was very well organized; there were options for all levels of cycling/hiking fitness and desire. The accommodations and meals were first-rate. We never lacked for things to do even when the weather didn’t lend itself to cycling. Our guides were attentive, knowledgeable, entertaining, and encouraging. Great Bike Tours lived up to the company’s name! Marc & Debbie (2020)

How do you use words to describe exploring the most perfect place on earth with the best guides in the business? Words like phenomenal and awesome fall short of my experience with Great Bike Tours. The tour was expertly researched, planned, and executed by guides with a wealth of experiences over many years in New Zealand. Our days were filled with breathtaking natural beauty from the East Coast, through the wilderness areas and rainforests, to the West Coast. Accommodations in the resort-style wilderness lodges were my favorite. The fish, lamb, and meringue desserts excited my palate and I can’t forget the Hokey Pokey ice cream treats! Here are a few unforgettable memories that I treasure: glow worms, the Southern Cross, and the vast, bright night sky; the teal glacier water; the lush, green rainforest; the most delicious water; hugging a sheep; cheering on new friends as they bungee jumped; and learning about merino wool, kiwis, stoats, the Maori people and customs, and flower jade. Thank you for an amazing trip of a life time! Cathy & John P. (2020)

If you have never experienced a country by bike, you don’t know what you’re missing. New Zealand has it all… Mountains, waterfalls, beaches and rivers just to name a few.
Great Bike Tours is the perfect way to see it all
. Terry G. (2020)

It was everything we had hoped for and more. If you like adventure this trip is for you. Our guides were very attentive, flexible and supportive. They took care of all the details and everything ran very smoothly. All the lodgings, food and activities were very good to excellent. I highly recommend GBT and this tour of NZ. Meg & Dave A. (2020)

We were blessed to join GBT on their bike tour of the Southern Island of New Zealand. We (a couple of 68-year-olds and our 38-year-old daughter), all of us being novice bike riders, had an incredible time. Two of us rode e-bikes, a great option! From the hot dusty Otago Central Rail Trail to the rain drenched west coast, which was actually wonderful, the vistas were magnificent and the rides breathtaking. We all had a memorable trip of a lifetime. Mac, Merline, and Becca M. (2020)

Five stars is not enough to rate this excellent bike tour company. Great Bike Tours knows how to run a wonderful bike adventure in New Zealand. This 13-day tour was filled with amazing scenery, exhilarating bike rides, and down-to-earth guides who love New Zealand and wanted to share it with others. The accommodations were outstanding with incredible views right from our hotels; each meal seemed more delicious that the last; and the guides always did everything with a smile. Nancy & Paul M. (2020)

This my first time using Great Bike Tours and they exceeded my expectations. The accommodations were in top notch places including amazing ecolodges located in the rain forest along the Tasman Sea, and in Arthur Pass facing the mountains. Brahim S. (2020)

GBT excelled by providing an entire experience with biking, of course, but also memorable side trips and every meal with exquisite local and healthy cuisine. Will be looking for more GREAT Bike Tours! Carolyn M. (2020)

Everything about our New Zealand bike tour was first rate: the staff, vans, bicycles, housing, food, side trip options, and the route. Lots of good things to say and nothing bad. Peter, Nancy, and Alex B. (2020)

Great Bike Tours did an amazing job on the 13-day bike tour of the South Island of New Zealand. From biking rail trails to road, through the various geographies from East to West Coast, and the added activities on layover days, made for a wonderful vacation. Pam K. (2020)

We had a phenomenal time. The cycling was awesome and the off-the-bike attractions were great also. All of the accommodations were excellent and in great towns. We will definitely be looking at more tours with GBT. John & Kathryn S. (2020)

This was one of the most adventurous bike tours I’ve been on. Beautiful sites, wonderful experiences, and great leaders! Definitely recommend this tour group! Lisa K. (2019)

Having been on a few bike tours, I must say this was the best so far. I can’t imagine another way to experience the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feel of New Zealand’s South Island. From the first three days on the Central Otago Rail Trail, to the green, glistening rain forests, and the gold and green pastures – the ride was amazing. Don’t do the South Island any other way! Leslie W. (2019)

The organization of the entire tour was superb. A faultless performance. Suggestions for activities on non-biking days were many and varied; we were free to participate or not. On riding days it was reassuring to know that van support was always close at hand. Elaine S. (2019)

New Zealand is a beautiful island… the terrain, the rain forest, the pastures with cattle and sheep, and most of all, the people! The bike tour and tour staff rate an A+ from us. Some in our group biked nearly every kilometer while others took advantage of the support van for assistance over the steeper terrains. Sprinkled in along the way were opportunities for hiking, travel to other towns, or time to stay put and enjoy the local culture. We’ve never participated in an adventure tour such as this before and can say it was more than we hoped for. Diane L. (2019)

Beautiful scenery, with a mix of beach, mountains, farmland, and rain forest. The guides are friendly, fun, and informative. Accommodations and food are top notch. Van support is always available so one can bike as much or little as they choose. The itinerary is unique and very special. I highly recommend this trip. Scott T. (2019)

Our two-day stay at the Lake Moeraki Wilderness Lodge ranks among one of the most amazing places we have seen on this planet. The rainforest, the sea, and especially the night sky. An absolutely jawdropping experience in an upscale setting. We left feeling that there couldn’t be many, if any place in the world that could compare. Walter K. (2019)

My wife and I have lived around the world and have cycled for most of that time, but the GBT NZ tour, particularly in celebration of our 50th Anniversary, stands out as one of the most remarkable experiences of our lives. Walter K. (2019)

This trip is not to be missed. They have structured a tour with highlight after highlight of the region. Spectacular scenery was around every bend and up and down every hill. Van support was there whenever it was needed. The biking was fantastic with a nice mix of rail-trail and road biking. But it was not just biking – it’s hiking, sightseeing, boat tours, kayaking, socializing, and more. Accommodations were varied, but all excellent in quality and much nicer than we had expected. Meals were outstanding, many with locally-sourced meats and produce. Our guides were incredibly informative, lots of fun, and sincerely wanted to give us the best experience possible. We loved our experience. Everything was very well planned and organized and we lacked for nothing. It really was the best! Gay E. (2019)

The South Island of New Zealand is gorgeous with a variety of desert, beaches, rainforests, mountains, and more. The trip allowed us to see all of this. It was more than just a bike tour – on the off-days there was an opportunity for a boat ride, kayaking, hiking, and our favorite – the plane ride over the mountains and then a boat tour around Milford Sound. We were amazed at the accommodations, never expecting to stay in such nice places. Can’t say enough about this bike tour. It exceeded our expectations. Linda Lee T. (2019)

If you want to enjoy two weeks of cycling, along with a multitude of other diverse active activities – such as hiking, experiencing the marine and land flora and fauna, astronomy, culture, fjords, sky diving – this tour works! This was our first tour with GBT, and with the quality of this experience, it will not be our last!! Ron and Terry F. (2019)

This was a trip of a lifetime made perfect by Great Bike Tours. Our second trip with GBT, it amazed us again the level of detail and planning to put together this 13 day adventure – great ride routes to see so much of this beautiful country; unique lodging like the cottages in Okarito and the Wilderness Lodges; and interesting included and add-on excursions. The GBT crew provided excellent pre-trip advice and info but they truly excel on the trip itself. It is their mission to make sure you have a great time, fun and interesting rides, staying safe, bikes working properly, water bottles full, and snacks handy. We found their recommendations on any topic to be spot-on – which is why we got in that tiny plane for a 45 minute flight to Milford Sound. My husband and I will travel again with GBT and would recommend their New Zealand trip without hesitation. Kathie and Paul N. (2nd trip with GBT)

Could not imagine a better trip! Cycling options for all abilities, plus other activities including kayaking, hiking, seeing glow worms and the Southern Cross. Amazing accommodations and food, too. I can’t recommend this trip highly enough. Jennifer E. (2019)

This was a great opportunity to explore New Zealand. On bikes, we had the ability to get up close and personal with wildlife, people, and places. We had delightful accommodations and delicious meals. I would highly recommend GBT. Laurie L. (2019)

This was a wonderful trip. Everything was well planned. The food was wonderful; especially the bread and meat pies. We got to see the feeding of river eels, the shepherding of sheep and shearing of one, and seals on the beach. This was a great experience, and GBT made this one of the best memories we’ve had in 40+ years of marriage. Jeanne M. (2019)

The trip exceeded all our expectations. The itinerary was great with so many options, great food, and wonderful places to stay. We were very sad when the trip ended and we had to say goodbye. This was a trip of a lifetime! Barb and Ken R. (2019)

What an awesome trip – we can’t recommend GBT highly enough! We felt so well taken of. They came up with a great balance between bike days and days off, as well as group time and “on-your-own” time, We had opportunities to do amazing things on our ample and well-spaced days-off: e.g. see albatross, fur seals, kiwi, do guided (or on-your-own) wilderness walks, see glowworms and the Southern Hemisphere night skies, sky dive, glacier walk, trip to Milford Sound, kayak, visit a working sheep farm, etc…  whatever fits your fancy! Laurie C. and Gary H. (2019)

This trip was beyond my expectations. The food, hotel stays, and friendly family-oriented people make this trip the best ever. This is not just a bike tour, it is an experience of a lifetime, with multiple activities. I wish I could give them all more than 5 stars. As always, we are left satisfied and wanting more. Jeannie H. (3rd trip with GBT)

A not-to-be-missed trip and ride! Plenty of time and options to soak in the diverse and spectacular South Island landscapes, environments, and communities. Jessica and Simon are pros at making the trip fun, comfortable and special for everyone. The trip is so much more than a bike ride! GBT delivered exactly what my wife and I were looking for – a bike trip full of unforgettable memories. Jim D. and Jo S. (2018)

This trip was a dream of a lifetime. Besides cycling on roads and trails, we took a train, hiked, spent time at two Wilderness Lodges, learned curling, fed eels and sheep, saw glow worms, visited wineries, Milford Sound, and much more. We stayed in small towns along the way and were able to experience local culture. Jessica, Simon, and John are very knowledgeable and fun to hang out with. I highly recommend! John D. (2018)

Happy 70th birthday to me and my dream trip to New Zealand. This New Zealand trip was great because it made me feel like a kid again on summer vacation. We rode bikes with our friends every day through pasture land, rainforest, and on a rail trail. We hiked and scrambled over rocks, saw fur seals, collected shells and beautiful pure white rocks on the west coast beaches. We climbed straight up a mountain through the rainforest looking for millions of different species of ferns. We saw glow worms, river eels and even saw a Kiwi. As we returned to our hotel tired and excited we were treated to wonderful dinner that someone else prepared for us. This was the best vacation a kid or an adult could ever want. I made great friends, challenged myself and had an awesome adventure. It was worth every penny. Do it again? Oh yes! Barbara R. (2018)

We just returned from 13 magical days in New Zealand. My wife and I thought we had already had our “trip of a lifetime” to Galapagos, but this edged it out. The South Island is a magnificent mix of desert, rainforest, beaches, and snow covered mountains, and we saw it all. The biking is challenging but not overwhelming, and the itinerary gives plenty of time for days off. Most importantly, the guides are totally invested in making sure that you have the ultimate experience. We have had other good experiences with tour companies but this was much more personalThis was definitely worthy of a trip to the other side of the world. DO IT! Paul K. (2018)

We had a blast. Well planned routes, first class accommodations, great food, and really fun people. What a way to see so many beautiful places in two weeks. Can eat as much as you want and then work it off on the bike on some of the prettiest rides in the world. Highly recommend this trip to anyone! Alan J. (2017)

My first group-bike-tour proved to be the Cadillac of tours. I have always dreamed of cycling in New Zealand and was stunned by the natural beauty, lovely people, and perfect conditions on this trip. I loved the opportunities for other activities (hiking, kayaking, shopping, eco touring). The accommodations were unusual and superb (from beach hotels to beautiful Wilderness lodges). I loved New Zealand and would go back in a minute with GBT. Judy Z. (2017)

It was all I expected and more. The leaders were attentive to all the details and provided flexible ride lengths to bikers of different stamina levels. There were days off in beautiful places with optional side trips to see astoundingly beautiful fiords and glaciers or hiking to pristine coves with a naturalist. Lastly it was very educational as to the ecology of the region. I would say this was a trip of a lifetime for me and I will tour more with GBT. Susan P. (2017)

This trip was interesting in that it combines road cycling, trail riding, as well as opportunities to hike, nature walks, kayak, winery tours and partake in many of the exciting adventures NZ has to offer. It did not disappoint – our daily cycling routes provided enchanting scenery every day. Hotels vary from exclusive wilderness lodges to casual B&B. Food was amazing with emphasis on local, farm to table cuisine – try the Hokey-Pokey ice cream – a local favorite! Truly an experience of a lifetime and highly recommend GBT for their knowledgeable, caring approach to this amazing country!Kris W. (2017)

Fantastic cycling and sightseeing tour of New Zealand! Each day the scenery provided one spectacular assault on the senses after another – whether cycling or hiking. The guides are fun, knowledgeable, and have amazing organizational and support skills. The food was superb, the accommodations were excellent, and by the end of the tour all of us on the trip felt like old friends. I don’t have enough superlatives to convey the excellence of GBT and this trip! Gordon R. (2017)

A well planned and supported trip across some of the prettiest places on NZ’s south island. The guides are knowledgeable and fun people always there to allow you to ride till it hurts or get back in the van and enjoy the scenery from there. We stayed at first class accommodations including beach front hotels and wilderness lodges. The food and coffee are fantastic. I don’t know how you could make this trip any better. Five stars. Jana J. (2017)

GBT is a smooth operation. They have managed to design a bike trip for both the hard-core and the casual cyclist. Having non-biking options like kayaking, hiking, bird watching, beach combing and a visit to a sheep farm also made for an exceptionally memorable trip. Everything was meticulously arranged for us yet there was never a feeling of having to “get with the program.” Simon, Jessica & Elliot were indefatigably cheerful and just fun to be with. Victoria M. (2016)

This was a well organized trip, the leaders were very informative and definitely knew their stuff. We traveled from the east coast through the mountains and rain forests to arrive at the beach. It is always surprising how a diverse group of people can come together through a shared experience and feel like old friends by the end of the journey. I had never done something like this trip but am so glad I did. Would I travel with GBT again, without question! Beth A. (2016)

Great time in New Zealand! Great food, great riding, great wine, great accommodations. No stone left uncovered. Donna S. (2016)

Flawless organization, superb support, fascinating tour route, flexible daily biking challenges for every individual, breathtaking scenery, side trip and activities to suit all tastes, superlative accommodation, yummy food, and above all else fabulous tour leaders. John R.B. (2016)

What a special place to visit and bike. The folks at GBT did a wonderful job providing terrific biking routes, scenic walks/hikes, wonderful lodging and the right mix of togetherness. We were delighted with each leg of the trip. The west coast was remote and dramatic with an abundance of natural beauty. Our hosts were incredible folks who combine hospitality with conservancy and happily offered memorable educational experiences. Wow! We are so happy we took this trip. Anne & Wayne L. (2016)

All of our expectations were blown away. The scenery is stunning – so much nature with so few people – and seeing it on a bike is definitely the best way to go. GBT mapped out the perfect tour, and tailored to everyone’s wishes and abilities. The places we stayed were unique and not mainstream tourism, which made them extra special. It is also extremely good value for money. Jennifer M. from Germany (2016)

On its own the south island of New Zealand is an amazing place, but GBT turned it into an incredibly amazing 12 day experience. Note, this is a lot more than a biking tour so plan on taking great hikes, visiting wonderful towns, and seeing incredible nature. John B. (2016)

Highly Recommend! My wife and I took this trip for our 25th anniversary. Our three tour guides were amazing. We stayed in memorable lodges that no one else could get into without years of advance planning. Surpassed all our expectations. I am not by nature inclined to join an organized tour, but this one was terrific and I would gladly travel with GBT again in the future. Tom H. (2016)

The trip of a lifetime. Our guides have led many, many trips in NZ, and forged relationships with innkeepers and restaurateurs, so we experienced the best of the best, and were welcomed as friends. A highlight of the trip was a night at Wilderness Lodge Arthur’s Pass, where we visited a merino sheep farm and saw demonstrations of sheep dogs at work and a sheep shearing. I highly recommend GBT and plan to participate in many of their stateside tours. Margie W. (2016)

A great adventure. Gorgeous country. So much to see and do and so many activities – biking, boating, hiking and more. Great tour leaders and wonderful fellow guests. Jan S. (2016)

What an incredible vacation! I have memories that will last a lifetime! All details were covered, lodging was great, and food was fantastic. The itineraries were varied and so much fun. I was impressed with every aspect of the trip! Jane K. (2015)

New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country, and this almost two-week tour hit every of the South Island “must-sees.” There was a good mix of activities, including biking, boating, and hiking. By the end of the trip, I had run out of adjectives. They take good care of you plus provide opportunities to really get to know your destination on an intimate level… not just as a tourist on a sight-seeing trip. Sue W. (2015)

It was fabulous… great, flexible, accommodating, and knowledgeable guides, excellent equipment and support, and a tour that highlighted both amazing little known spots and most of the must do areas. Caro Lee and Scott S. (2015)

Lots of options and alternatives to maximize your experience which made this much more than a bike tour. These options – including an airplane ride to Milford Sound, bungee jumping, sky diving, hiking trips, museums, and a working sheep farm – were all stuffed into a mythical experience in a wonderful country! I’m glad we went, it was awesome, and I heartily recommend it to others. Ed N. (2015)

This is a magical place and we were glad to rely on GBT’s deep experience and contacts to put together a wonderful trip. The pace was just right for us – we are middle aged, fit but not fanatic, who showed up in New Zealand in the middle of our winter of sloth – haha. We really enjoyed starting on cushy mountain bikes on a scenic rails-to-trails passage through the high plains heart of the country. This gave us a chance to get our legs under us. We appreciated the combination of great biking and days off at the best spots to explore the surrounding sites and attractions. This place is far away and it is comforting to rely on a company that has been there to ensure a smooth trip. We particularly enjoyed the Otago rail trail, the wilderness lodges and great guided hikes, Wanaka, and biking the scenic west coast. We highly recommend it. Bravo! Tony R. (2015)

Friends, if you ever have the opportunity, this is an amazing way to see New Zealand. The group at GBT created a spectacular trip from which we have incredible memories and best of all fabulous friendships! Kelly & Richard J. (2015)

In our 23 years of doing bike tours we don’t claim to have been everywhere on the planet, but we’ve been to a lot of places, and none approach NZ in everything we look for in a bike tourJim S. (2014)

This was our second tour of New Zealand with GBT. And once again both New Zealand and GBT provided us with an experience that enriched us in countless ways, and provided wonderful family memories for decades to come. They do live up to their name. Susan S. (2014)

Perfect trip – Great Leaders, Adventure, Natural Beauty, Good Food, Family, and New Friends!  Scott & Rebecca W. (2012)

Awesome company, just finished a bike trip of a lifetime in New Zealand. Loren C. (2012)

A wonderful tour in what surely be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Superb accommodations, delicious meals, well selected bike routes, and extraordinary support by our leaders! Two thumbs up GBT! Susan S. (2012)

My wife and I have done 15 bike tours, and in 2012 we decided to take our oldest daughter’s family of 4 (including 2 teens) with us to New Zealand. It was an experience that will be fondly remembered by all of us the rest of our lives. New Zealand has so much to offer that is unique and beautiful, from the albatross center on the east side to the seals on a primitive beach on the shores of the Tasman Sea on the west side. There are glow worms, glaciers, rain forests, migrating eels, wilderness lakes and lagoons, wonderful inns, friendly Kiwis and more. We couldn’t have asked GBT for more. Jim S. (2012)

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Virginia's Colonial Williamsburg Bike Tour

The Colonial Williamsburg bike tour was packed full of history, wonderful food, scenery and bike riding all in one. It was a beautiful experience. Sandy L. (2021)

We love the balance of cycling and visiting the nooks and crannies of the Williamsburg area. We love the laughs and friendships we made. Kathy & George K. (2021)

Absolutely fantastic. This was our first trip with GBT and we will definitely be doing trips with them in the future. Outstanding. Candy & Rob O. (2021)

We had a wonderful time. A great time riding and visiting historical sites. Looking to do another bike tour with them. Rob O. (2021)

GBT was a wonderful choice for a fair weather fall trip in historic Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown. Good folks, good food, and lots of good fun. Kate M. (2021)

We had an amazing time! We enjoyed riding through beautiful countryside, eating at amazing restaurants, sailing in Yorktown, and experiencing the history of this area. We will definitely be scheduling another bike trip through GBT. Nancy S. (2016)

The historic experiences, the scenery, the special historic house tour, the food, the support, the company… it was perfect! The guides were once again over the top in their attention to every detail on this trip! Tami T. (2016)

The Virginia’s Historic Triangle bike tour was filled with many educational opportunities, mildly strenuous biking, weight gaining (due to the fabulous meals), plus fun and frivolity. This is our 5th trip with them, and we keep coming back because we like the diversity, attention to detail, and overall feel of the company. Thanks for a Great Bike Tour! Sandy H. (2016)

A fantastic trip. Staying in the same Lodge the whole time was great. Learned an awful lot about history. Food was great!! Duncan T. (2014)

An excellent trip in a fascinating historic area. Staying at a lovely Lodge all week was great and the meal arrangements and entertainment events were awesome! This trip was chosen as an annual reunion amongst friends who take a cycling vacation together each year. Looking forward to cycling with GBT again and highly recommend them. Lynn B. (2014)

We have been on more than a dozen bike trips in North America and Europe and this trip ranks with the best anywhere. Our Inn accommodations were on the historic site and were most convenient and pleasant, particularly since we only needed to unpack once. The restaurants we used were within walking distance and the meals were superb. Our Farewell Dinner was a sight and a taste sensation to behold. This was our first trip with GBT and will not be our last. Pete and Kate M. (2013)

GBT provided the best possible experience of Williamsburg… biking, restaurants, picnics, accommodations, and activities. They made it so pleasant that all I had to do was enjoy every moment. Judy Q. (2013)

We had a most enjoyable trip. We love the Historic City and the re-enactments. The area is beautiful for cycling with bike paths to Jamestown & Yorktown. We ate fabulous meals and great picnic lunches prepared by our leaders. I even was given a birthday cupcake on my birthday! I would highly recommend traveling with GBT! Cindy D. (2013)

It was fun, relatively easy and, for a history buffs, very rich. The GBT crew were accommodating and fun. It’s a great trip for people who are looking more for fun than fitness. Gerald C. (2013)

Fantastic time, great company and kudos to Jessica and Simon for making a very successful trip regardless of the weather (like 2 inches of snow when it was supposed to be in the 70’s). This was our third trip with Simon and we intend to take many more! Mike Z. (2013)

The trip was an unqualified success. We had excellent exposure to the history of the area, and the dinners ran the gamut from college town pizza to high gourmet. Simon and Jessica took excellent care of us. William S. (2013)

Along with good biking, good food, and meeting new friends, the trip was made extra special by the included additions such as private tours, and an admission pass to most historic activities in Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown. We chose to attend a witch trial, a ghost tour, and listened to “Thomas Jefferson” discuss the social and political environment of his day with audience participation, and we viewed the local militia march in review (complete with fife & drum fanfare and cannon salutes). Bob & Betty K. (2013)

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New Hampshire Bike Tour

From the coast of New Hampshire to the summit of Mt. Washington, we were equipped and supported above and beyond expectations. The accommodations were first rate and the food was phenomenal. Our ride on the beautiful coastal highway, complete with lobster rolls, delighted our senses. Great people travel with Great Bike Tours – it is a pleasure meeting like-minded people who value health and exercise while taking a break from daily routines. John & Kathy P. (2021)

It was a fabulous way to see NH. They book you into fabulous hotels, and provide 5-star meals. They also provide high quality bikes and equipment. You can’t go wrong booking a trip with them – I promise you will not be disappointed. Nancy D. (2021)

The variety of routes was fantastic… along the ocean, on a rail trail through the woods, down the mountainside through beautiful foliage. And I always enjoy the other activities they sneak into the trip as well (picnic, hike, boat ride, cog train, axe throwing). This family-run business will *always* get my business! Sue W. (2021)

This was my fifth tour with this company and they were spot on yet again. The routes were great, the accommodations outstanding, and the food delicious. The guides always went out of their way to make you feel welcome and well-cared for. Cheryl S. (2021)

Exploring new places on bikes is so much fun. GBT had the routes planned out so well, it was seamless. Staying at beautiful historic hotels, eating amazing local food & meeting new people. All of these things combined makes GBT the best! Karla & Larry H. (2021)

The customer service was impeccable and the accommodations elegant and comfortable. Perfect weather and leaf color made the bike riding fantastic. We will be back. Helen & Jeff (2021)

It’s just the right combination of biking, sightseeing, staying in the most fabulous of grand old hotels, terrific dining, and meeting very interesting people from across the country. In addition to the beautiful seaside and mountain scenery, I loved the cog railroad ride up to the top of Mount Washington and the scenic sailing barge excursion out of Portsmouth. It’s truly a unique experience. You will love it! Daria & Barry (2021)

They provide a top-notch experience with unique personal service. Their knowledge of the terrain, weather, bikes and ability to adapt to any situation, is exemplary. Everything is provided with kindness, respect, and a bit of humor. Rachid & Kim A. (2021)

Our New Hampshire tour was well-planned and time-scheduled, seamless in execution, and fun! This family-run operation is the best! Jim & Robbie B. (2021)

GBT’s attention to detail is outstanding! Our NH tour was successful because of the questions answered beforehand, the thorough daily briefings, the quality of the bikes (electric in our case), the quality of food and accommodations – but most of all the quality of the staff! This is a close-knit family operation who work extremely well together. Well done, indeed! Sue & Mike R. (2021)

Amazing, unforgettable trip! The GBT team carefully plan the picturesque routes, scenic stops, and historic hotels with every detail in mind. The meals were delicious, the hotels were luxurious, the other travelers were such fun that we cannot wait for our next tour! It was a week full of healthy activity that constituted one of our best vacations yet! Angie & Brock B. (2021)

I just finished my 4th fabulous bike trip with GBT, in New Hampshire. In my opinion, they rate as bike tour company extraordinaire! Their personal service and attention to every detail cannot be outdone. We stayed in three of the Grand Hotels, and each one had its own unique qualities! It was impossible to say which one was the favorite. Deborah C. (2021)

Touring the mountains and seaside surrounding New Hampshire’s three remaining Grand Hotels by bicycle was an unforgettable experience. These venerable hotels wear the patina of time well, with beautifully updated facilities and culinary skills in their kitchens to match. Pairing idyllic locales with tour guides who run their business with Swiss clockwork precision, it’s a recipe for creating the perfect active vacation. Emily & Doug K. (2021)

The overnights at the breath-taking Grand Hotels in New Hampshire would have been worth the cost of the whole tour itself. Add to this the food, both in these hotels and on the road, and I think we actually put on weight during the tour. The locations included spectacular mountains, deep gorges, covered bridges, and bubbling rivers with plenty of time to take it all in. Hans & Francey S. (2021)

The bike routes were well planned and the ancillary activities (harbor tour, hiking, and rail-cog ride up Mt. Washington) provided an enjoyable addition to our biking. We enjoyed it so much we have scheduled another trip next year. Larry & Jennifer P. (2021)

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Vermont Fall Foliage Bike Tour

This was my first bike tour vacation and I’m very glad I choose GBT. Each day was a new adventure as we explored another part of Vermont. All in all, it was a very pleasurable experience. Cindy C. (2021)

This was our first tour with GBT and it turned out to be fabulous. Each day there was an additional outing: Billings Farm, Shelburne Orchard, Barnard General Store, raspberry picking, Simon Pearce Gallery, Quechee Gorge, and more. The food was fantastic and a great time to socialize with the other guests. The accommodations at Amee Farm Lodge were wonderful & very unique! Becky & Tom B. (2021)

Everything was first rate – the guides, the accommodations, the bikes, the food, and the sites we visited. I’ve been on bike tours with other companies, but the Great Bike Tour experience is the best of them all. Mel P. (2021)

It was a fabulous trip which met and exceeded our expectations. The food for this trip was fabulous. The sightseeing was spot on. This is a top-notch bike company. I would do another trip with them. Kathy & Art K. (2021)

What a fabulous vacation. Breathtaking scenery of a beautiful part of our country, rich with history. We will treasure the memories of this trip for years to come! Gary and Cindy & Gary M. (2021)

Exceeded our wildest expectations! The riding routes, fall foliage, and excursions (Billings Farm, Shelburne Orchard and Maple Museum) were fantastic. All the food was delicious, whether eating out or in. Kelly & Roger (2021)

There is no better way to take in the changing Fall colors than biking through the region. Plenty of stops to enjoy the history of the region with frequent stops at apple orchards, dairy farms with buttery cheeses, maple syrup museums, quaint general stores, berry farms, and bike-ferry rides… all good 🙂  Melba & Wayne G. (2021)

It was one of our best vacations ever! The food and accommodations were outstanding and the itinerary was perfect. Shelly & Ron C. (2021)

It was terrific. GBT tends to the details and curates every moment. Great food, safe riding routes, beautiful scenery, a little Vermont history, even some poetry! The perfect blend of activity and serenity while pedaling. Roger & Kelly (2021)

One of the best vacations taken because of the GBT peeps! There was attention to details in planning the routes, attractions, meals and accommodations. The lodge was gorgeous and rustic. I can’t wait to take another trip with them. Ellen & Dave (2021)

If you are looking for an active and stress-free vacation this is for you! All of the details are taken care of including sightseeing and great food. We enjoyed it so much we have already scheduled two more trips. Joanne & Dale H. (2021)

The tour was excellent from start to finish. I hope to travel with GBT again! Ann S. (2019)

The best fall colors I’ve ever seen. The ride experience was great – challenging at times if you wanted it. The food at the Lodge and area restaurants was exceptional. Ron and Terry F. (2019)

My husband and I were looking for a bike trip that would provide fun, history, nature, safety, comfort, creative meals (we are both vegan), and interesting people. That seemed an impossible combination, but GBT provided this and more. So delighted I choose to select this tour. Karin A. (2019)

Loved the Amee Farm Lodge where we stayed all week – no moving around! Definitely a plus! The bike routes were beautiful – fall colors were gorgeous. I highly recommend this trip. Cheryl S. (5th trip with GBT)

It was wonderful just unpacking once at the Amee Farm Lodge – such a beautiful and interesting place to start and end each day. The breakfasts were great and the front porch was a great hangout spot to meet the other folks on the tour. Dinners were all fantastic and a nice mix of restaurant type, with a big emphasis on farm to table. The biking was fun with enough challenges to keep it interesting. The views are extraordinary – cycling along rivers, through farm land and covered bridges, over gaps, and down through valleys. Everyday had something new and special. Our guides loved showing us what makes Vermont such a special place – including the bakery/bookshops, museums, the maple syrup wall of shame, cheese making, and bike shops. Kathie and Paul N.(3rd trip with GBT)

They put us up in the most comfortable lodges with breathtaking scenery, along with fresh baked goods and catered dinners. We have built some lasting friendships through GBT and will definitely be going again. No Joke, we would not consider another touring group. Michelle E. (2018)

First-rate cycling week in Vermont with a personal touch! Our trip with GBT really stands out! George K. (2018)

From the first day until the last we were treated to a great experience, top notch central location, first class choice of dining options, and spectacular views. The entire trip was well planned, down to the smallest detail. Our guides were very friendly and highly professional to ensure our trip would be safe, fun, and memorable. We stayed at one central location in the heart of New England, which made it ideal – so no packing and unpacking to relocate. Simon, Julian, and Elliot did everything in their power to accommodate every skill of rider, and their knowledge of local history was excellent. Dual van support and a guide on a bike allowed riders to ride at their own speed and cover as many miles as they wanted to on any given day. Highly recommend this company for a well-organized bike tour. Ken T. (2018)

We stayed at one central location so no unpacking/repacking. Food was exceptional. Consideration for less able riders was made and each person was made to feel very important and cared for. The timing was great as we saw increasing colors each day. Virginia G. (2018)

We enjoyed the trip immensely. Julian, Elliot, and Simon were wonderful guides, and we are looking forward to doing other trips with them. Wayne and Geri B. (2018)

We had a great time on our bike trip. The guides planned every detail perfectly. The scenery, food and accommodations were all perfect. Would definitely recommend this bike company! Amy O. (2018)

Wonderful! Simon, Elliot and Julian were very attentive to our group. They found enough activities for even the rainy days. Great food for breakfast and dinners. Bikes well maintained. Carole P. (2018)

Vermont fall color was super and the service over the top! I am a 76 year old slow rider who loves to get as many miles in as possible, while my wife does not ride at all. GBT did everything to accommodate our needs, and went over the top to make our time with them the best. I liked the central location for the base of operations; that way we were not moving from hotel to hotel, but we still had a super coverage of the best places to see and enjoy in Vermont. Steven G. (2018)

My husband and I did this trip to celebrate our retirement, and it exceeded our expectations! Every day was very well planned and gave us a variety of route distances and options. The lodging was beautiful, the food was wonderful, and the guides were professional and friendly, accommodating for each person’s needs. This small family owned company is top notch! Donna S. (2018)

The food was fantastic and the Amee Farm Lodge was welcoming and comfortable in a rustic setting. I enjoyed spending time on the beautiful deck, and appreciated the fresh, local food that we enjoyed every day. Connie D. (2017)

A fantastic bike ride and adventure. The scenic views were lovely and brought tranquility and joy to each rider. The food was a culinary delight and the lodging was quaint, relaxing and brought me a place to chill out and unplug. Biking, hiking and exploring abounded. Chris, Elliot, and Simon provided top notch customer service. Best organized bike rides around. We have already booked another trip with them for next year. Jeff M. (2017)

Fabulous time. Very personalized for each riders preferences. Always love traveling with this company. Don’t even really care where we’re going! Laurie H. (2017)

The food was exquisite, the Amee Lodge was comfortably rustic and beautiful, the scenery was outstanding, but in the end, it came down to the people. If you want to have a wonderful time on a great bicycle tour, check out GBT; you will love it!Robin N. (2017)

We were wanting to see Vermont for the fall colors and GBT delivered with a wonderful tour. We stayed at a lovely inn, the Amee Farm Lodge. Fabulous breakfasts, great rides through scenic Central Vermont and fabulous dinners in great restaurants. A most enjoyable tour! Cindy D. (2017)

A+ best bike tour thru Vermont. We loved our experience with GBT. The lodging at Amee Lodge was so rustic and charming with all the modern conveniences of wifi, modern bathrooms, and comfortable beds. The food throughout the trip was better than we could have imagined. The roads we biked on were rural back roads with terrific scenery and minimal cars. After our rides we had some time to enjoy the porch which looked across the hills with their glorious colors. It was so nice to come back to the same place each night and not have to pack our bags up so frequently. Tonja N. (2017)

Best bike trip ever. The routes were awesome riding 20-60 miles per day. The food was out of this world with world class chefs at two of our dinners. After biking a view out the front porch was a great way to reflect on the days ride and unwind.Joe V. (2017)

We had an awesome time biking in central Vermont with GBT. As usual, Simon, Jessica and Chris are the best tour guides you could ask for and put together an amazing itinerary. Their knowledge of Vermont and biking greatly enhanced the experience. The biking was challenging, but fun; scenery was absolutely beautiful; food was topnotch; and the accommodations were in the perfect VT setting! They are the best at what they do and would highly recommend any of GBT’s trips. This was our third GBT trip and looking forward to our next one in a few months! Joyce & Don S. (2016)

This was our first bike tour, and GBT made it easy for us. This is a small company and the attention to detail and personalized service was amazing. The meals were magnificent, from breakfast in the lodge to picnic lunches to gourmet dinners. Overall, this was a wonderful tour for the experienced bicycle vacationer and the neophyte alike. The staff was very friendly and polite and even went out of their way to find me a very rare Vermont beer I was desperate to try. We will definitely be traveling with GBT again in the near future. Hal B. (2016)

A perfect week in Vermont with GBT. Their deep connection to the area was obvious in the activities and knowledge they provided. Some of our best bike days ever. Simon, Jess and Chris have the ability to make it all look effortless, but their preparation and concern for their guests was remarkable. Laura F. (2016)

We have been on many bicycle tours and this one definitely ranks as one of the best. Simon and Jessica made us feel like family while providing wonderful cycling routes, delicious food and the comfort of Amee Farm Lodge for the entire week. Alyce L. (2016)

We thoroughly enjoyed our first ever bike tour and trip to Vermont. Our guides were friendly, professional and flexible, and were attentive to the individual needs of group members. We highly recommend the Vermont tour, and look forward to joining GBT on a future trip! Robin & Steve A. (2015)

Amazing! Thank you for taking care of us in style – loved the experience and you made us feel like family. We can’t wait for another tour with you all. Sherry B. (2015)

Each day was filled with optional routes, site seeing, and hikes, and then completed with a five-star dinner. The lodging and personal attention was amazing. Quite frankly; we were spoiled. I cannot thank each of the guides enough for the amazing experience. Robin N. (2015)

I’ve taken a lot of different bicycle tours and by far this tour was the most relaxed and offered the most flexible options. If a rider wanted to do a lot of miles and hammer down, ride a little and be a tourist a little, that was fine. Or if a person didn’t want to ride at all that day and play tourist or do something different, that was an option as well. This was my first tour with GBT but I guarantee it will not be my last. Diana P. (2015)

A unique feature for the Vermont trip is having a home base from which to ride each day. Not having to pack and unpack every day was very appealing to us. We highly recommend this company/trip. Dick and Gretchen S. (2015)

We saw rural Vermont – a great area to tour on bikes and the changing-leaves season made it even more enjoyable. The lodge facilities were the best with excellent hospitality. Jessica made absolutely the best meals ever, whether for breakfast or dinner, and was the “hostess with the mostest.” We will definitely go with them to New Zealand. Stephan B. (2015)

We had a great time. The routes were scenic and bike-friendly. The map and directions provided were impeccable. The bikes were basically brand new and well tuned. My friend and I have taken bike tours in the past but this was our first experience with GBT. We were very impressed by their friendliness and professionalism. Nha V, Canada (2015)

My husband and I went on our very first bike tour and loved it! The tour guides were great and very informative, the bikes were excellent, and every little detail was taken care of. I thought that the tour was a little pricey at first but it was well worth every penny. We just can’t say enough about the wonderful folks and great experience with GBT and the Amee Farm Lodge. Highly recommend! Martha J. (2013)

Everything was superb! From our routes, to our lodging, the food we ate, the support we were given, the attention to our safety and biking desires, and the guides, Wow! They do everything they can to make your bike trip fun, challenging if you want that, laid back if you want that, but always an adventure! I can’t say enough about the quality of the tour for your investment! This is not our first time with these people and it won’t be our last. Sandy H. (2013)

My wife and I are newbies at the whole bike thing and were tentative at the thought of a seven day bike tour. Our friends invited us to Vermont to bike with GBT … and we loved it! Can’t wait to do our next tour with GBT! Jack T. (2013)

The bikes were first rate, and the bike routes and hiking trails were beautiful and well planned. Meals were delicious, especially the picnics. Dee Dee D. (2013)

Our group of 14 just finished a fantastic week with GBT in Vermont. The fall colors were at their peak. Absolutely stunning. The Amee Farm Lodge was very comfortable and they made us feel like family. The riding was great too. Some hills, along rivers, through quaint villages with stops at orchards, maple syrup shops, museums, and the best food with great local craft beers. Great bikes and support throughout the day. I recommend GBT for anyone who wants to see the country by bike. Scott C. (2013)

My experience was simply fantastic! The weather was knockout gorgeous, the tour organization was spot-on detailed, the equipment was excellent, and the itinerary was ideally matched to the experience level of the group. The accommodations, food, equipment, personalities, professionalism, and schedule of activities were nothing but “top notch.” I travel globally for my work where I have experienced many ‘tour’ operations, and I can say that GBT was as good as any tour organization I have ever experienced, anywhere. Money and time well spent! George S. (2013)

We could not have asked for a more perfect weekend of cycling in Vermont. Wonderful accommodations, beautiful scenery, and great routes. Simon and Jessica are stellar hosts. It was a great weekend, and I enjoyed every minute. Hope it will be the first of many visits. Kathleen W. (2013)

The tour was flawless and all that an avid cyclist would want, plus some wonderful diversions off the bike. The route, support, plan, food, and company were superb. This is the third time on a bike tour with Simon and I plan on going on more of them.  Mitchell F. (2013)

The mileage and terrain were perfectly challenging with spectacular views and delightful stops along the way. Lots of smiles over many miles! Would highly recommend Great Bike Tours in Vermont. Lee W. (2013)

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Georgia Isles Bike Tour

Great experience! Well planned adventures with enough down time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings! Shelly Z. (2019)

Wonderful vacation. Accommodations & food were excellent. Fellow travelers were fun and interesting people. John P. (2019)

This trip was better than I had imagined. The lovely accommodations, the time to “stop and smell the roses,” and the food were all excellent. Kathy M. (2019)

It was extraordinary! From our guides, to our awesome rides through Savannah, Jekyll Island and St. Simons, and our accommodations that were way beyond expectations – everything was done to perfection. We were treated like royalty. Sandy M. (2019)

A trip of a lifetime; it exceeded my expectations. Georgia Isles was my 1st bike tour and couldn’t have chosen a better company. Beautiful trails and bike riding through old towns, live oak lined streets, and a driftwood beach. Loved the tours and the history, but not nearly as much as the awesome food and beautiful accommodations. Attention to all details and plans were great. Will certainly be traveling with you again soon! Rhonda K. (2018)

This trip combined historical narrative, flat biking, spectacular beach views, a gourmet chocolate company, and an educational shrimp boat excursion (which included holding, if you want, sharks, snakes, turtles and squid). The accommodations were top notch, and the eclectic mix of restaurant choices was exquisite and tasty. Loved everything about the trip. Tom and Birdie W. (2018 – 2nd trip with GBT)

GBT goes above and beyond to make everything special – we were treated to top notch hotels, fantastic meals, and a well educated and helpful support team. They went above and beyond what is expected. Bravo to a great vacation I will never forget. I’ve already booked my 3rd trip with GBT. Thanks again! Pamela W. (2018)

This is a great tour! All 5 star hotels, fantastic dining experiences and fun, attentive guides. I will tour with them again to be sure! Victoria K. (2018)

We were first-timers to the world of bike vacations. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience and with the support and enthusiasm of our bike tour leaders. We rode on beautiful tree-lined bike paths beside the ocean, over wooden bridges, through marshes, and through a nature preserve. We saw alligators, armadillos, and wood storks. We traveled on a shrimp boat where a naturalist brought up a shark, hermit crabs and stingrays. We learned about them and were able to hold and touch them. We were thrilled with the amazing meals and the first class accommodations. It was a wonderful trip and a great adventure. We were definitely glad we did it and already talking about our next adventure with them. Frank G. (2018)

A perfect way to start the cycling season. The tour was so well organized and we were well taken care of. The staff did a great job, cheerfully, every day. The accommodations and food were just great. Helen P. (2018)

Excellent experience for a couple of new empty-nesters – just the right combination of biking, other activities, and good food. Kathy F. (2018)

We had an absolutely amazing time. Simon, Julian and Elliot were fantastic tour guides. I couldn’t imagine a better team. No effort on their part was too much (flexibility on biking routes to meet different demands/levels, luggage taken to the rooms, and even a pickup from the spa). We got a real feel for the history and culture/traditions of the region, and a good workout each day. Excellent value for money! We will definitely be joining another GBT trip. Sue F. (2018)

Beautiful and historic area for cycling in spring (to shake off the winter frost). Great cycling, accommodations, and food. GBT did its usual superlative job in organizing the trip and assuring everyone’s experience was tailored to their cycling and other vacation desires – very enjoyable. John K. (2018)

This was my third tour with GBT and it won’t be my last! What makes these trips really special is the staff. Simon, Elliot, and Julian are the best and you can really tell they love their jobs which makes them go the extra mile. I loved the shrimp trawler excursion, the turtle center, the biking – all of it! If you like cycling and sightseeing, go with GBT. Melanie P. (2018)

Fantastic trip! A great mix of biking, history, and southern food… actually, a lot of southern food… 😉 Fantastic accommodations. The guides were very supportive and knowledgeable every step of the way. Would definitely join another tour in the future. John and Patty L. (2018)

I had a great time on this tour. The rides, meals, and extra activities were all well planned and exciting. I would highly recommend this trip. Simon, Julian and Elliot are fantastic guides. They are attentive, caring and very informative. They made the trip wonderful and fun. Sandy L. (2018)

This was my first organized group bike trip and it far exceeded my expectations. This trip was absolutely spectacular – the perfect blend of recreation, history, and culture. We biked through exquisite terrain, with interesting stops along the way – beaches, historical excavation sites, nature refuges – and the alligators were actually afraid of us – fascinating. Loved the shrimp trawler tour. Perfect for beginners (like me) as well as seasoned cyclists for whom there were always additional biking options available. The tour guides made the trip – always upbeat, encouraging, and so much fun. Ilene C. (2018)

The trip was great, well planned – the perfect balance between biking and other attractions. The highlight was the shrimp trawler tour; very fun and educational. The accommodations were wonderful (beautiful, clean, safe). The guides were super attentive and helpful, fun to be around. We felt we were well taken care of. Karen L. (2018)

Everything was well organized and smooth. Highly recommended for beginner as well as experienced cyclists looking to discover Savannah’s environs and its history. Beautiful scenery all around. Emile & Ursula M. (2017)

This was an incredible opportunity for exercise and education. Savannah, St. Simon and Jekyll Island were rich in history and science. The accommodations were top class and the food was delicious. Lorraine C. (2017)

Great times, great hotels, and fabulous sights. The naturalist was a great treat on the shrimp boat. So, many have asked… would I do it again – Absolutely! Allyson J. (2017)

A superb exploration of the Georgia coastal region, an area with such a unique landscape, architecture and history. Highlights included: the beauty and vitality of Savannah; the vast Georgia marshes experienced from a shrimp boat; the spectacular groves of live oaks, draped in Spanish Moss; and much more. The biking was suitable for young and old, and any level of experience. Susan & Jim S. (2017)

A great time from start to finish. Our tour guides were knowledgeable and attentive. We not only toured Savannah, St. Simon and Jekyll Island by bike but there were also several other activities such as a shrimp boat ride and a Peddle tavern tour around Savannah and more. I have not been on a bike in several years and this was a great way to get myself back into it. Rosie B. (2017)

Just got back from the Georgia trip and I am a happy cyclist – it was wonderful from start to finish. The bike routes were great and the accommodations and food fantastic. Our guides were very friendly, helpful and accommodating. This was my second bike tour with this company, and I highly recommend them. Can’t wait for my next one! Cheryl S. (2017)

The tour is extremely well run. The organizers are very professional and they think of everything. The rides were great, mostly on quiet roads and bike paths with beautiful scenery. The shrimp boat was also fab. Jill B. (2016)

Seeing Georgia from a bike was great. Beautiful scenery and tons of interesting history. The hotels we stayed in were top notch and the food was abundant and delicious. Loved that this is a ride for everyone – advanced to the casual rider. The extra activities really add an extra dimension to the trip. I’m already looking forward to our next trip with GBT. Margaret M. (2016)

The itinerary was a perfect blend of great cycling, beautiful scenery and fabulous tours of the area’s history and attractions. We are definitely contemplating our next trip with this group and understand why many of GBTs customers return again and again. Lisa L. (2016)

Beautiful, delicious, and wonderful biking. Accommodations, the route, and guides were exceptional. Especially liked the added activities like a naturalist explaining the dredge haul on a shrimp boat. Definitely left the tour wishing it were longerJudy Q. (2016)

We enjoyed everything about this trip from the terrific cycling, excellent accommodations, fabulous food, and leaders beyond compare! We can’t wait to take another trip with GBT! George & Laurie M. (2016)

Another phenomenal experience with GBT. Jessica, Simon, and Elliot were consummate hosts. We biked some beautiful country, had relaxing accommodations and fantastic food. Loved the Old Pink House in Savannah and the Jekyl Island Hotel. But Driftwood Beach was my favorite place of all. This tour cannot be beatJeff M. (2016)

Thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Special highlights included the “Slow Ride” (a 15-passenger bicycle) thru Savannah’s Historic District, a private tour aboard a retired shrimp boat, a private tour of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, and a private tram tour around the Jekyll Island Club. Great accommodations and food! Betty K. (2016)

It was fantastic!!! Loved the accommodations and bike paths and food!! Made great new friends. I took soooo many pictures. We highly recommend GBT for a fun fabulous adventure. Vicki C. (2016)

Exceeded my expectations. I hope to travel with this fantastic company again. Jeanne M. (2016)

A truly wonderful trip. Our lodgings were exceptional, the bike routes outstanding, and the tours/historical landmarks truly interesting. Judy B. (2016)

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New York’s Adirondacks Bike Tour

The biking throughout the Adirondacks was excellent. But what made this trip standout was the tour company’s effort to provide a total Adirondack experience. From the lodging, the hiking, to stops at a wildlife center and a picture-perfect kayak trip, we were able to soak up local history, geology and culture. A class operation all around. We’d love to bike with GBT again! Jake & Jackie C. (2021)

The combo of biking, hiking and kayaking was such a great mix and, for folks who are active but who rarely do these activities routinely, it was at a level that we could do! A little muscle building each day! Oh, yeah, the food was over the top great! Julie K. (2021)

We have been on many bike trips and this was, by far, my favorite! Great bike routes, boat tours, hiking and outstanding meals. Anne & Don P. (2021)

Wow, what a wonderful time I had on this bike tour. This was my first bike tour and it met and exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect mixture of adventure, exercise and exploring the area. Food was great. Needless to say, I highly recommend GBT. Mellis S. (2021)

I have gone on many bike vacations. This was by far the best experience I’ve ever had. Our trip included: biking, kayaking, hiking, a tour of the Lake Placid Olympic Training Facility, and learning about the very special history of the Adirondacks. Victoria H. (2021)

The trip was so well adapted to each person in our group. The biking was beautifully supported and the bikes were superb. I particularly appreciated the inclusion of the hikes, the nature trails, the kayaking, the history of the Adirondacks, the casualness of the social gatherings, and the fantastic meals! Kay P. (2021)

What a great multi-sport tour! This trip provided the chance to experience not only cycling but also kayaking and hiking along with several places of interest to explore such as The Wild Center and the Olympic Jumping Complex, to name but a few. If you’re looking for active fun while seeing a different part of the country, and yet not wanting to worry about the details – this is the trip for you! Sheri G. (2021)

What a wonderful time! We so enjoyed seeing the beautiful Adirondacks by bicycle, water, and mountaintop. We learned a lot about the area while having a daily adventure. I’m an avid cyclist so my favorite part of the trip was cycling down amazingly beautiful roads; however, the kayaking was absolutely amazing – a 3.5 mile paddle through a lazy river connecting multiple ponds. If you’re thinking about taking a cycling vacation, this is the group to join – they are the best! Lisa & Paul L. (2021)

We had a great experience on this small group tour in the Adirondacks. The spots chosen for the rides, kayaking and mountain trail hike were spot on. Highly recommend! Georgia & Richard C. (2021)

All in all it was an outstanding week. We plan to travel with them again soon. Bruce S. (2018)

Wonderful bike, hike, kayak tour of the Adirondacks. We really enjoyed the variety this trip allowed. A favorite part was the long guided kayak paddle. The routes selected allowed for different levels of riders to enjoy, while accommodating those who needed that next level of challenge! Everything from the quality of bikes, van support, to dining and accommodations was wonderful. Definitely check this tour out! Beth and Russ A. (2018)

The Adirondacks are breathtaking and biking is a wonderful way to really appreciate them. The accommodations on this trip were amazing – beautiful lakeside views from our rooms. All the other activities on this trip were great: tour of a Great Camp, kayaking, tour of the Adirondack Wild Center, standing at the top of the Lake Placid ski jump, and a hike at Heart Lake. The food was excellent and abundant. Most importantly – the staff of GBT are terrific. They are knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and entertaining. Richard P. (2018)

Biking in the Adirondacks was great – beautiful country! Terrific accommodations, excellent food, variety of activities, and outstanding staff! Ann P. (2018)

This trip provided just the right amount of challenge, and the opportunity to relax by beautiful lakes and mountains. Planned activities to wildlife centers in the area were enjoyable and informative. Various lakes provided peace and relaxation after an active day of biking or hiking. A trip with GBT can be as active or relaxing as you desire. The food exceeded our expectations. For several dinners and breakfasts, GBT arranged private chefs just for our group… amazing! We can’t wait to travel with GBT again! Cathy P. (2017)

It was over the top to what we expected! Accommodations and meals were top shelf! It was a vacation, not just a bike ride. Each day was active to the level ‘you’ wanted it to be (whether you were cycling, kayaking, or hiking). Pattie B. (2017)

Outstanding trip, outstanding staff, outstanding accommodations, and outstanding food. One could not have asked for a more attentive and likeable staff. There was no pressure to do anything or to be anywhere however the spirit of this trip was such that I wanted to be everywhere and do everything! The small group and relaxed atmosphere added to the enjoyment of the week. Steve L. (2017)

Gorgeous scenery, great cycling, wonderful hiking and kayaking, delicious food, and guides that were the best of the best! We learned/saw/experienced such a variety of what the Adirondacks has to offer… all in one fantastic week! Alyce L. (2017)

This tour was well balanced with biking, hiking, and kayaking. The tour guides were experienced, professional, and were great fun to be with. The accommodations were top notch, the food was amazing. Definitely would recommend this trip… Adirondacks are a must see! Mary M. (2017)

This was our family’s first trip with GBT and it was an absolute blast. Kim, Rachid, Amina, and Kamila (2017)

Most fun ever – gorgeous scenery, fascinating wildlife centers, really exceptional food, and biking, hiking, and kayaking. Felt totally safe with wonderful, knowledgeable, considerate guides, and a better bike than I have at home. Outstanding! Judy Q. (2016)

This trip was just the right balance of active biking, hiking, kayaking, and other experiences. We really like GBT’s family owned, low key style and emphasis on having fun over cranking out miles. Weather was lovely; scenery was beautiful; and the food was excellent. There were surprises every day. I strongly recommend this trip and GBT. Jerry C. (2016)

Six days biking, kayaking, walking, educational tours, and more! Our adventure tour with GBT was wonderful and something for everyone! Our first time visiting the Adirondacks and we just loved it! We liked being able to enjoy the outdoor activities, but also valued the educational aspects of the trip such as touring President Calvin Coolidge’s Summer White House, visiting The Wild Center, The Adirondack Wildlife Refuge & Rehab Center, the Olympic Jumping Complex, and more. Thank you GBT for a really great adventure!! Betty K. (2016)

This was a six day adventure that truly exceeded our expectations. Simon, Jessica, and Chris are fantastic guides, very considerate and knowledgeable. From hiking pristine nature trails, visiting White Pine Camp (the summer home of Calvin Coolidge), enjoying the sunset cruising the area’s beautiful lakes, and exploring Olympic venues, mountain peaks, and wild life centers by bike, foot, and kayak, we couldn’t have asked for more. The food was exceptional – prepared by GBT’s own chefs, and at local restaurants. We have traveled with GBT before and definitely will be with them again. Judy B. (2016)

This tour was our first but absolutely won’t be our last with this company. Our guides worked very hard at not just meeting our needs but trying to anticipate them. The six day tour was jam-packed full of amazing activities in beautiful areas, without being exhausting. The food was outstanding – I loved that it was very healthy, fresh and delicious. I can’t wait for our next adventure. Michelle E. (2016)

For the first time in my life… I bicycled down railroad tracks along a beautiful lake on a rail bike, stood at the top of an Olympic ski jump, had Happy Hour at sunset aboard a pontoon boat in the middle of a beautiful lake, did stand-up paddleboarding, learned about wild wolves while standing a few feet from several of them, went 60 miles per hour in a speedboat to get to a luxury dinner on the other side of the lake, and had our own personal chefs for three days. Mike & Judy Q. (2016)

What an adventure!! Would highly recommend this multi-sport adventure that included biking, hiking, and kayaking. The biking was very pleasurable (leisurely without many hills), the kayaking was spectacular (the lakes in the Adirondacks are gorgeous and numerous), and the hiking led to breathtaking views, especially at the top of White Face Mountain. We were treated like royalty. Our guides, Simon, Jessica, and Chris, were always ready, willing, and cheerful to meet our every need or want. They even arranged for our own chefs for some meals. The food they prepared, as well as the other meals, were delicious. We cannot say enough about GBT’s hospitality, concern for our comfort and safety, and pleasant demeanors. What a joy to travel with them. Tim R. (2016)

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Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard Bike Tour

Well planned tour with top notch guides! Everything far exceeded my expectations. The activities, accommodations and dining were wonderful. Patricia M. (2021)

Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket were amazing and seeing each from the vantage point of our bicycles was fantastic. Our guides were very friendly and informative and we will definitely book another trip with them! Thank you for a great vacation! Leigh J. (2021)

We loved our bike tour to Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket. It was our first – and we had a blast! Every detail from dining to hotels to biking gear and the catamaran sailboat adventure… was perfect! We will definitely do another GBT! (2021)

We had a fabulous time. We really enjoyed seeing the countryside by bike, the sunset sail, and the wonderful events planned in the evenings. I would highly recommend GBT. Susan S. (2021)

It was our first GBT trip and will certainly not be our last! We had wonderful accommodations. Our tour guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and a complete delight to be with. The tour is easily adapted to all ability levels and the sag wagon is always close at hand if you need a break. Pat P. (2019)

This is a wonderful trip. Sign up! Lenoir S. (2019)

GBT has once again exceeded my expectations. The cycling was fantastic, and they are able to support cyclists with all levels of skill. They pick exciting places to visit, wonderful places to stay, and they treat us like royalty. Clarence H. (2019)

From start to finish, the trip was fabulous: spectacular scenery, first rate accommodations, delicious food, fun happy hours, and daily agendas with the perfect mix of riding and visiting local attractions (museums/art, lighthouses, sailing, and beaches). Daria C. (2019)

This was our first cycling trip and it was excellent. We cannot say enough good things about how well organized and executed the entire trip was – you are in excellent hands with this company. The various restaurants they selected were awesome. We really enjoyed the trip and the company, and look forward to another adventure with them. Jacqueline S. (2018)

I had a great time and really enjoyed the tour. Our tour guides took great care of us, the accommodations were really nice, weather was great, and overall, I would highly recommend the trip to anyone. Vivian S. (2017)

This was my first organized bike tour and I had a blast. Staff was professional, highly organized, funny, and quickly prepared with alternate plans if needed. They think of everything down to the smallest details. Just arrive with clothes, a smile, and a desire for adventure! Joanne B. (2017)

This was well organized and so enjoyable. The tour leaders are flexible so that riders of different levels can all have a good time. You can do a longer or shorter ride. Susan P. (2017)

This was a fabulous trip. While the weather is naturally out of their control, their commitment to customer satisfaction was in their control, and they were outstanding. Kudos to all of you. Jeannie H. (2017)

Fantastic trip… had a great time. I did not hear one complaint! I would highly recommend this trip for a fantastic adventure, safe and reliable, lots and lots of fun, best seafood in New England, and a lovely, lovely group of people. Sherrie P. (2017)

We had a perfect bike trip. We were awed by the peace and beauty of the Menemsha Inn. Outstanding farm to fork meals. A very special place on earth. Routes were lovely with interesting sights and fun stops. We enjoyed beach walks and boat rides. Nantucket was very special too. We stayed at the Roberts House Inn, with its well appointed rooms and great location. Fabulous bike rides across the island. We especially enjoyed our guided tour of the Nantucket Life Saving Museum. We took advantage of great weather to swim in the ocean. Beautiful beaches. As always, GBT planned a very special trip filled with interesting activities. This adventure was a 10!! Lynn W. (2014)

Highlights included a catamaran sailing adventure, beaches, lighthouses, museums, towns, and restaurants. A wonderful time to be sure! Betty & Bob K. (2014)

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Rhode Island Coastal Adventure

In addition to the riding, we enjoyed several boat excursions, including a teaching/formerly working lobster boat, and also a tour of The Breakers Mansion. The hotel accommodations were extraordinary, and the included meals were all delicious. We just can’t say enough good things about this company – superior in every way. Jane H. (2021)

Amazing time! Very well-planned trip! The activities were many and full of fun, accommodations were beautiful with friendly staff, and, oh, the food! Lobster and clam chowder abound! So delicious! If you’re considering a fun and active vacation, we highly recommend GBT. Maggie & Rick M. (2021)

Great Bike Tours was a class above other groups I have toured with. I especially appreciated the diverse activities included on the Rhode Island Bike and Boat Tour. Loved the boating experiences – they were fun and educational. Diana T. (2021)

As a veteran cycling tour participant, I can honestly say this was a 5 Star experience. The guides were always one step ahead of us in anticipating our needs. These folks know what they’re doing – I highly recommend them. Peggy H. (2021)

May I mention the friends we met on the RI trip? The stellar accommodations? The gourmet food? The belly laughter? The lively conversations? The educational boating excursions? The readiness at each turn to please every guest on the tour? Nothing was forgotten or overlooked. Without exception, this company is the one to choose. Lori & George P. (2021)

We would highly recommend this tour. The tour is run very efficiently, like a well-oiled machine. We enjoyed miles of biking while taking in the beautiful scenery. In addition to the cycling, we had a different boat excursion each day, including a lobster boat tour, rum runner tour, but I think my favorite was the 80-foot sailboat! What a peaceful way to enjoy the shoreline of Rhode Island! This was our first GBT tour and we are already signed up for another. Dawn & Frank B. (2021)

Absolutely the best time. We stayed in beautiful hotels, ate delicious food and were well taken care of as we biked around Providence, Newport and Block Island. Tricia & Jack P. (2021)

What a fabulous tour! The GBT staff are amazing. They make everything so easy. Organized and fun. We just booked a tour for next year. Valerie & Brad L. (2021)

The biking was great and the boat trips were above and beyond. I recommend GBT without any reservations! Bill F. (2019)

Fantastic cycling vacation! The guides are outstanding and the accommodations and activities were top notch! Laurie M. (2019)

I had a fabulous time! The accommodations are top notch and the tour is well planned out. Plenty of great riding and time to see the attractions in the area. Great trips, great times, great people! Check them out! Rosie B. (3rd trip with GBT)

Fantastic is the word to describe our tour. We got in plenty of biking in addition to visiting Newport, the cottages, the Castle Rock Walk, Block Island etc. Betsy C. (2nd trip with GBT)

Plenty of choices with different levels of difficulty and just pure FUN!! You will be talking about it long after it’s over. You won’t be disappointed. Nancy D. (2019)

Can’t think of any way to improve the RI Bike Trip! Perfect combination of biking, sightseeing, beautiful accommodations, and delicious food in this gorgeous state! Odie G. (2019)

I cannot say enough good things about the tour, the hotels, the activities, and the owners and tour guides. Jeannie H. (2019)

I can’t possibly give enough wonderful compliments about this Rhode Island bicycle and boat tour! You do not need to be a “bicyclist” for this trip. If you don’t want to bike for some reason, no problem. There’s plenty of shopping and choices of activities instead. The boating was fantastic with lobster education cruises, sailing on a schooner, and narrated cruise around the harbor. We all loved the tour of the Breakers and the view of the mansions from our bikes. The food and meals were extraordinary! Teresa C. (2019)

It was a fun tour that included much more than just cycling every day. We had three days in and around Newport that included sight seeing and boat rides. We also had a day and night on Block Island. We can recommend GBT without any hesitation. Tom R. (2019)

This was my 4th trip with GBT and it was another triumph. Bike routes were great. Accommodations were top-notch, as always. I highly recommend taking a GBT trip. Cheryl S. (2019)

We had a wonderful time with a fun group of people. Trip was well organized and facilities were first class. In addition to biking there were numerous other exciting and varied activities. Group leaders were extremely helpful and things went flawlessly. Would highly recommend. Cilla & Art R. (2018)

Enjoyed everything about it. Hotels were first-rate, biking and boating were lots of fun. Saw things we had never seen, and did things we had never done. Made lots of memories! Dave G. (2018)

This was my husband and my 6th- and favorite- cycling trip. From the first email to the drop-off at the airport everything proceeded flawlessly. This family-owned company certainly knows how to make things run smoothly for all levels of riders. The choice of hotels and restaurants were excellent. We highly recommend GBT for this trip. Dee Dee D. (2018)

What fun! I enjoyed every moment of this trip. Biking, making friends, and staying in beautiful places. Our guides were on top of every last detail. I have never done this before and now I can’t wait to do another. Thanks for a great experience! Suzanne M. (2018)

Rhode Island Bike & Boat – a feather in the cap of GBT. Over the years, my wife and I have taken several tours with various bicycle touring companies. What distinguished the GBT trip was the way the ‘event’ was managed. Maybe it was the experience of the tour leaders or perhaps how well they worked as a team. Maybe it was the attention to details that others might have missed. In any case, they managed a complicated itinerary for a group of experienced, but variously skilled cyclists in an outstanding way. Leon J. (2018)

My wife and I jumped outside our comfort zone and booked this RI trip. The bottom line is this trip was the best thought out and executed vacation we have ever experienced. Our hosts are experts in planning, designing and delivering a true experiential journey! Thank you Jessica, Simon, and Julian for expanding our horizons. David C. (2018)

This bike and boat trip was one of the best trips I have taken. Simon, Jess and Julian made it fun as well as challenging with lots of opportunities to get to know the fantastic people in the group. I loved the accommodations, the sights, the food, the people, and yes, the biking 🙂  Nancy C. (2018)

It was fantastic to get exercise while seeing mansions and riding various boats while learning about catching lobsters, and rum running. GBT might be a small company (in comparison to the big companies), but as a result they watch out for the customer. You don’t get left in the dust. The tour guides care and watch for people having problems. They are ready to make your trip a wonderful experience. This was my 5th tour with GBT and I have enjoyed every one. Clarence H. (2018)

What a fabulous trip! So well organized and with very fun activities. This was our first bike tour and we couldn’t have been more pleased. Jessica, Simon and Julian took amazing care of everyone from the minute we got there. The nice part about the biking was there were shorter and longer routes. I’m a pokey rider and did fine while my husband is faster and was able to ride with others. My favorite part was all the different boat trips: Rum Runner, lobster boat, sail boat, and ferry. We would definitely take another trip with them! Mary C. (2018)

Whether you are an expert or a novice, this trip has something for everyone. Every detail was taken care of, the planning was perfect and every expectation not just met but exceeded. For an active, educational, scenic and fun filled vacation we would recommend GBT. Thank you for an amazing week of cycling, boating, great meals, and a ton of laughs. Tom B. and Lynn D. (2018)

We biked on scenic bike paths, cycled on pedal powered rail-bikes, and experienced the beauty, history, and mansions of the Narragansett Bay on a lobster boat, a ‘rum runner’, and a schooner. We stayed in Bristol, Newport and Block Island, each charming in their own way. The guides were knowledgeable, helpful, attentive, and fun. The accommodations were excellent and the food sumptuous. Definitely a recommended trip! Victoria O. (2018)

This was my first bike tour and it was fabulous! Simon, Jess and Julian thought of everything to make it special. The hotels, food, excursions, boating, schedules were just perfect and well thought out! Can’t wait to do another tour with them – I just can’t decide which one, so I’ll just have to do them all. Ali F. (2018)

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South Carolina Coastal Adventure

We thoroughly enjoyed the bike riding, the accommodations, activities, making new friends, and the education. Corey C. (2019)

This trip was beautiful and fun. Accommodations, food and bicycles were fabulous. The guides were helpful, attentive, knowledgeable, and fun. Highly recommend this family owned company! Judy T. (2019)

What a perfect way to see South Carolina. This was our first organized bike trip and it was fabulous. Biking in the morning, boating in the afternoon. GBT treated us first class all the way. The service, accommodations, and meals – everything was top notch. Karla H. (2019)

If I had to use one word for the tour… Fantastic! So much fun! All the biking was in/around extremely beautiful settings. They had organized and executed so much in one day it felt like we had done so much but not felt rushed to do any of it! Jo C. (2019)

Biking on Hilton Head beach was one of our favorites, and the bike paths were so enjoyable and picturesque. All our accommodations were top notch and the food was tasty. We liked that there was time for us to go out on our own, and time for the group activities. Jan H. (2019)

This was a great trip – a wonderful mix of boating and bike riding (mostly on beautiful paved trails). The support from our guides met and exceeded expectations. Everything was well planned out and organized. We hope to join them again! Meg A. (2018)

We enjoyed GBT’s South Carolina Bike and Boat Tour very much. We have taken many cycling tours in Europe and this compared very well.  Hilary B. from Canada (2018)

Fun trip – guides were great, food was great, and accommodations were great. Red C. (2018)

‘Perfect’ is the best way to describe our recent bike and boat tour with GBT. Each of the three hotels/inns was unique and beautiful. The provided meals were more than generous and beautiful in presentation. The biking was fairly easy, not too many miles. I cannot say enough good things about Elliot, Julian, and Simon. What a great team! We were pampered with snacks, water, great stories, and genuine interest in making each person’s trip special. The company is just large enough to know what they are doing but small enough to fully interact with their group. I would highly recommend GBT. Patty L. (2018)

Our accommodations were very nice, food was delicious, and tours were interesting. Highlights of my trip were biking on a beautiful beach on Hilton Head and kayaking in the low country. We are repeat customers – that speaks to the quality of the GBT experience. Linda D. (2018)

It was a blast. They pack so much fun into every day that it feels like you’re living more than 24 hours. I appreciate that their trips allow for individual paces (both slower and faster). GBT always provides top notch service and the best guides in the business. Sue W. (2018)

I want to compliment GBT on another fantastic trip (my 3rd trip with them). It was a perfect week. Dining, lodging and bike riding were first class all the way. We feel like family, and look forward to our next adventure. Sherrie P. (2018)

We had a blast. This ‘bikeation’ was a nice mix of riding, activities on the water (kayaking in Beaufort the highlight), and historical sightseeing in the South Carolina low country. Simon, Julian, and Elliot are gracious hosts and guides and the itinerary and accommodations well selected and thoughtful in design. Looking forward to our next trip! Mark and Laura S. (2018 – 2nd trip with GBT)

If you like to cycle, kayak, and learn history and geography, then this trip is for you. A variety of comfortable lodgings and delicious low country food. Our tour guides were informative, patient and attentive. This is my second tour with owners Simon and Jessica – the decision left is where to go next with them. Lorraine C. (2018)

We had great bikes rides and boating experiences, wonderful food, and exemplary service. This was our 5th trip with GBT and we will be back. Jeff M. (2018)

This is a fabulous bike touring company and they did not disappoint on this my 3rd bike trip with them. Jessica and Simon know how to run a bike trip with a great itinerary, awesome accommodations and food, and super-friendly guides. I will be back for another adventure with them. Cheryl S. (2018)

GBT once again hits the nail on the head. The combination of biking, boating, and tours could not have been better. The accommodations, the bike routes chosen, the non-biking excursions, the food and especially the staff – are all top notch. This company takes the time to make every experience personal and memorable. We look forward to our next adventure with GBT. Steve R. (2018 – 2nd trip with GBT)

It was fabulous! Loved, loved the accommodations! The bike trails were great, our new bike buddies were fun, and we loved our tour guides. Can’t wait to go on our next tour. Vicki C. (2018 – 5th trip with GBT)

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Benefits of Traveling with a Small Family-Owned Company

As a family-owned business, they are a cut above in service levels and personal attention. Mina & Les B. (2021)

Everyone from the GBT family (it is literally a family) worked to make our experience totally enjoyable. John P. (2021)

GBT is a family business and when you go you become part of that family. The family encourages you do your best, but is also there to help you. Clarence H. (2021)

You can’t go wrong booking a trip with this company. They are a small family-operated business, but they certainly know what they are doing. They place a high priority on making sure you have a wonderful time and that all your expectations are met. Nancy D. (2021)

This family-run operation brings professionalism, warmth, charm and the true sincerity of its guides to the mix. The guides make it clear that they love what they do and love being around people. Emily & Doug K. (2021)

I think the size of the company is what makes the experience so special. They focus on only one tour at a time which allows them to provide a marvelous attention to detail. Victoria H. (2021)

The Family Team from Great Bike Tours really pay attention to the smallest of details making your group trip feel like it’s personalized just for you. Jeff M. (2021)

We enjoyed this family-run business and meeting a group of wonderful travelers from across the country. Joanne H. (2021)

This is a close-knit family operation who work extremely well together. Well done, indeed! Sue & Mike R. (2021)

We’ve grown to like smaller-family run adventure travel companies like GBT for the feeling of being a part of their family. We know the guides and they know us. Ron and Terry F.

This family-run tour business is so organized and adds the personal touch. They think of everything and it is so apparent that their goal is to make your trip the best for you. Linda Lee T.

You can’t go wrong booking a trip with this fabulous family-owned company. They pay close attention to every wonderful detail and they go above and beyond to make your trip a memorable one. They are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, funny, and after a trip with them you feel like family! Nancy D.

Great Bike Tours is a small family-owned company who does bike touring proud. We highly recommend traveling with them. Gay E.

The people who lead the tours are the ones who designed the route, found the best lodging and places to eat, and are always there when you need them. Guest satisfaction is obviously their priority, and having so many years of experience they know how to do just that. Jim and Susan S. (19th bike tour altogether)

The trip exceeded all our expectations and the support we received made all the difference. We were treated like family and we came home with new friendships and memories to treasure. Barb and Ken R.

GBT is a small, family run business and it was clear they enjoy what they do and they are very good at it. The guides took care of all of our needs – we literally wanted for nothing.  Donna W.

You truly know what customer satisfaction means – you made me feel like one of the family, and I would recommend GBT to anyone. Will definitely be doing another tour – so much fun! Tricia S.

We have had other good experiences with tour companies but this was much more personalThe guides are totally invested in making sure that you have the ultimate experience. Paul K.

I highly recommend this family-owned company. GBT goes above and beyond to make everything special – we were treated to top notch hotels, fantastic meals, and a well educated and helpful support team. I’ve already booked my 3rd trip with GBT. Thanks again! Pamela W. (2 trips with GBT)

This family-owned company certainly knows how to make things run smoothly. From the first email to the drop-off at the airport everything proceeded flawlessly. The choice of hotels and restaurants were excellent. We highly recommend GBT. Dee Dee D. (5 trips with GBT)

This small family-owned company is top notch! My husband and I did this trip to celebrate our retirement, and it exceeded our expectations! Every day was very well planned and gave us a variety of route distances and options. The lodging was beautiful, the food was wonderful, and the guides were professional and friendly, accommodating to each person’s needs. Donna S. (3 trips with GBT)

My wife and I have enjoyed multiple cycling tours with some of the largest companies in the business. However, our trip with GBT really stands out! The leaders of this small operation have decades of experience and it shows up on a daily basis. George K.

GBT might be a small company, but as a result they watch out for the customer. You don’t get left in the dust. The tour guides care and watch for people having problems. They are ready to make your trip a wonderful experience. Clarence H. (5 trips with GBT)

The company is just large enough to know what they are doing but small enough to fully interact with their group. I cannot say enough good things about Elliot, Julian, and Simon. What a great team! They had a genuine interest in making each person’s trip special. I would highly recommend GBT. Patty L.

I want to compliment GBT on another fantastic trip. We feel like family, and look forward to our next adventure. Sherrie P. (3 trips with GBT)

This is a fabulous bike touring company. Jessica and Simon know how to run a bike trip with a great itinerary, awesome accommodations and food, and super-friendly guides. I will be back for another adventure with them. Cheryl S. (4 trips with GBT)

GBT once again hits the nail on the head. The combination of biking, boating, and tours could not have been better. This company takes the time to make every experience personal and memorable. Steve R. (2 trips with GBT)

The guides, somehow, effortlessly, made each one of us feel like we were the only ones on tour with them. Not just for the day but everyday. I told my husband that I didn’t know how they did it, but they seemed to know what I was thinking and anticipated my needs. We have built some lasting friendships through GBT and will definitely be going again. No Joke, we would not consider another touring group. Michelle E. (2 trips with GBT)

This trip was the best thought out and executed vacation we have ever experienced. Our hosts are experts in planning, designing and delivering a true experiential journey! David C.

What makes these trips really special is the staff. Julian, Simon, and Elliot are the best and you can really tell they love their jobs which makes them go the extra mile. Melanie P. (4 trips with GBT)

Fabulous time. Very personalized for each riders preferences. Always love traveling with this company. Don’t even really care where we’re going! Laurie H. (5 trips with GBT)

After five European bike tours my wife and I decided to try one in Vermont. We didn’t want a commercialized company. The bike routes were awesome, and the food was out of this world with world class chefs. Best bike trip everJoe V.

When you combine a passion for cycling, years of innkeeper experience, and precise attention to logistics and details, you have a winner of a bicycle touring company; in fact, you have Great Bike Tours. Robin N. (3 trips with GBT)

Although it’s a family operation, GBT is extremely well run. My wife and I have been cycling on organized bicycle tours all over the world for over 20 years. We chose GBT because been had been on tours with Simon before, and had always had a wonderful time. There is no question about who we will choose for our next bike tour. Burt H. (4 trips with Simon)

One could not have asked for a more attentive and likeable staff. The small group and relaxed atmosphere added to the enjoyment of the week. There was no pressure to do anything or to be anywhere however the spirit of this trip was such that I wanted to be everywhere and do everything! Steve L.

I loved that they keep it to a small group of people so you get a chance to make new friends with similar interests. Mary M.

The customer service was outstanding and we can hardly wait to go on another tour with Simon, Jessica, Chris, Samantha and anyone else who is with this company. We loved every minute of the trip. Jeannie & Bob H. (4 trips with GBT)

The personal attention and fun provided by the group leaders takes their tours to the next levelWe’ve vacationed with two other companies and prefer GBT hands down! Cheryl S. (4 trips with GBT)

We have taken tours with four other companies and have to say that the customer care and attention to detail (with GBT) were second to none. You can’t go wrong signing up for one of their trips! Kathie & Paul N. (2 trips with GBT)

The utmost attention was given to our comfort and enjoyment of the trip. The staff was constantly aware of us and our needs. This was our 11th organized biking trip. It met all of our expectations and we would not hesitate to recommend GBT to anyone. Phyllis C.

Amazing guides, well organized. Treated us like family. Very professional. Can’t wait to do another tour with them. Bill & Alicia J.

GBT is a smooth operation. Everything was meticulously arranged for us yet there was never a feeling of having to “get with the program.” Elliot, Simon, and Jessica were indefatigably cheerful and just fun to be with. Victoria M.

The trip of a lifetime. Our guides have led many, many trips in New Zealand, and forged relationships with innkeepers and restaurateurs, and so we experienced the best of the best, and we were welcomed as friendsMargie W. (7 trips with GBT)

This is our 5th trip with them, and we keep coming back because we like the diversity, attention to detail, and overall feel of the company. Sandy H. (5 trips with GBT)

Chris, Simon, and Jessica are the best tour guides you could ask for and put together an amazing itinerary. They are the best at what they do and would highly recommend any of their trips. Joyce & Don S. (7 trips with GBT)

This is a small company and their attention to detail and personalized service was amazingWe will definitely be traveling with GBT again. Hal B. (2 trips with GBT)

We have been on many bicycle tours and this one definitely ranks as one of the best. Jessica and Simon made us feel like family. Alyce L.

We really like GBTs family owned, low key style and emphasis on having fun over cranking out miles. Jerry C. (5 trips with GBT)

We were treated like royalty. Our guides, Chris, Simon, and Jessica were always ready, willing, and cheerful to meet our every need or want. What a joy to travel with them. Tim R.

Jess, Simon, and Elliot are the best – so experienced, personable, and kindThey were flexible and anticipatory of our needs as a group and individuallyJane K. (4 trips with GBT)

This tour company is small enough to keep it personal yet everything handled professionally. Was able to deal with riders of all level abilities and interests, and made sure everyone had a good time. Very patient and personable guides – they made sure ‘fun’ was part of the trip. Laurie H. (5 trips with GBT)

We’re GBT repeat customers because Simon and Jess have never failed to give us a great biking experienceOur family has done 18 bike tours by several companies over the past 20 years, and GBT gets our blue ribbonSusan & Jim S. (6 trips with GBT)

Amazing! Thank you for taking care of us in style – loved the experience and you made us feel like family. We can’t wait for another tour with you all. Sherry B.

Jessica, Simon, and Elliot don’t take their leadership role as a job, but rather as a mission to provide each of their guests the best of what the region has to offer. Five stars aren’t enough. Susan S. (6 trips with GBT)

I have been on over 20 bike tours, and my wife on over 30, and the one thing we both agree on, is that the folks at GBT have the best guides we’ve ever had. They are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and best of all, fun loving. We have come to think of Simon, Jessica, and their staff as friends, and can’t wait to go biking with them again. Mike Q. (6 trips with GBT)

Jessica, Simon, and the crew run a first-rate bicycling company. My husband and I couldn’t have been happier. It would be hard to beat the level of personalized care they provideWe would go with them again in a heartbeat. Lee H.

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