cycling Savannah

Cycling Savannah

When asked about Cycling Savannah we can only say it is a “must cycle” destination! Savannah’s mild weather and flat riding conditions are near perfect for bike tours. Here are some optional bike rides during our time in Savannah (on our Georgia Isles Bike Tour): Cycling Savannah Tree Tour   Savannah has some of the…

great bike small group touring

Small Group Touring

What is a small group tour? When small group touring your guides are not there to herd you around – but to advise, assist with your ride and make sure that everything runs smoothly. You will have a stress free adventure even in the most exciting destinations. With a small group each person’s needs are…

Vacations are Important

Why Vacations are Important

We wanted to look into why vacations are important and share with you our findings. Over the years we have seen the results of many studies showing that time taken off from your “daily grind” or job can benefit both your physical and mental health. Research has shown that those who take vacations tend to…

Summer cycling tips

Summer Cycling Tips

We have been waiting throughout the long cold winter for summer cycling season. Here are a few summer cycling tips to help you stay safe and hydrated during those long summer days cycling. More daylight means you can start cycling earlier   During the peak summer days when the blistering summer heat nearly melts the…